{October 3, 2016}   Re: A Night I Won’t Forget

I told you all about what happen at my house in my post A Night I Won’t Forget last month. My friend came over the other day and we were talking about it and looked the guy up to see what they were doing with him. It showed his case is done and over with in less than 30 days they have tried him and sentenced him. That is unheard of around here. Most any case takes at least 6 month to a year unless they just drop the charges. It was showing that he should have been out already but he was still there. But when you look at the daily jail population it said he was waiting for something placement. But didn’t say it under his cases anywhere. I called my old boss from the bail bonds place to see what he could find out. He couldn’t find anything out about it either and confirmed it looked as if he would be out that day. We figured out that he was going to drug rehab I called the jail to see what I could get from them. All they could tell us is that yes he was court ordered to rehab couldn’t get out of jail until they found an open bed for him at one. But we do not know if it is for a couple weeks, 30 days, 6 months or a year. They have no idea where he is going to go or when even.

I did find out from my boss that he was on community control when he was here at my house. They turned around ave him drug rehab and two years of probation and community control again. What good that does I don’t know when he was on both and got in trouble for drugs again this time and my friend found they had just signed a VOP warrant for him the night he was here. It looks like they sent him to drug court but still when he was already out on drug charges and got more he shouldn’t get drug court. Then if he goes to rehab and leaves he will be out for who knows how long before they get him back in there and who knows what he may do before they do. Oh and he got time served when he went to court. They gave him 22 days and he been there 22.

My friend is worried that once he gets into rehab he may talk to someone and have them come back and do something or try to do something because he is mad about us calling the police. I honestly don’t know what to think or do. I still haven’t told anyone or Father of the Year.

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