Why do people think others should pay for them to have and do the things they want to do instead of working for the money or figuring out how to get the money? In the last few weeks I have seen go fund me accounts pop up in my news feed for a friends light bill, a truck and the things that are needed to take it out to the race track, help paying moving cost because they didn’t pay rent and got tossed out among other things.

First let me say I understand that people have things happen and need help sometimes. God knows I know this and I am not talking about people in that kind of a situation. I am talking about these are people who are all the time moving and have always been that way. Stay long enough to get kicked out and move on. People who anytime you see them or talk to them something is off but they have new name brand this or that, driving a different car, or talking about the new t.v or something they have bought. Then you have the one who wants to buy a truck to take to the drag strip or races and asking people to pay for it. I would love to have a mud truck but I can’t because I do not have the money to get an extra truck, I don’t have the money to put into making it a working mud truck or pay to store it or tag and insure it to keep it at my house. Much less the gas and things to even be able to take it out.

I find it funny because they send these request out to their friends such as myself and others, who don’t have much more than they do. But they thank you should take from the little that we do have and buy them trucks or pay their bills. Yeah lest ask the single mom who’s in school to help pay my bills and buy me a truck. Because we all know all the extra money I have laying around I am hording and not telling others about right. The one who wants to get a truck is a friends husband and it is just him and her they have no kids and a roommate splitting the bills. They both work tell me why I should donate to your truck fund please? I see he said so many keep saying I need to get a truck and do this or should get a truck and do this, if some could help me out and it is only going for it. Funny so many want him to do it and think he should do it not even they are trying to help him or donating money but you are going to ask all your other friends who have nothing to do with any of it to give you money. It’s not like they post it or send it once and that is it, no they have to post and send it over and over and change it and just about beg people to donate. If they didn’t send you money to start with they aren’t going to.

Then the other ask for money for her light bills in a day or two says she got it paid then turns around and post another asking for money for another bill and one to get her kid something for school. This one I know is not working hasn’t been never is anytime I see her. I sent her a message telling her of a place that I used right after me and farther of the year split up and he left me with an almost $500 light bills because he refused to pay anything more than what he had to in order to keep it on and let it get higher and higher. I told her try it and they would probably help her and had money when a lot of other places didn’t. She sent a message back saying she done been there a few times this year and they will no longer help her for a while. I went to this places before I went to friends and asked for money. Because I know that most my friends are not much better off than I am. They work to pay their bills and have what them and their family needs. They are lucky to have extra and if they do it isn’t to pay my bills. Where as these other places get this money to help people who have trouble now and then and need it. I have asked friends before if they had money but it was hey can I borrow this until the end of the week or for two weeks and I can PAY you back. I would rather borrow money even than to go somewhere that pays it for you if it is a matter of due dates coming before money or I will sell/pawn something. But these people just set up these sites and say hey GIVE me money to pay my bills or buy a truck to go play in. It isn’t even like he needs the truck to get to work he is going to lose his job or have to walk 30 miles to get to work. This is to play it is basically a toy. I don’t even buy my kids toys all the time or that often. But he wants me to donate money to buy him a grown man a toy. And she wants me to take money out of my house and away from my kids to pay her bills and get her kid school stuff. I would never have the balls to put something like that up and then ask people I know don’t have much to donate to me.

Some I can see if needing help with medical or something like that. I put one together for my mom because she asked me to and she sent it and posted it but I didn’t. I told her it was pointless it was more for if something really big bad happened and it got attention from the news and things where people from all over donate. She seen, it got nothing. She was trying to get to doctors that she needed to see and test. But I still don’t feel like it is something that you put together and ask friends to help with. If it was a life or death sickness kind of things or something. But it isn’t people just don’t have to give either way.

I don’t know it just really annoys me when I see these post from people and the one for the truck and pay my bills just did it for me. It’s like where do they get the nerve to be asking people to buy this stuff for them or pay their bills? I know they are not singling me out and sending it just to me but it still just gets me that they do this.


2 thoughts on “Go Fund Me

  1. I was thinking this the other day when a “friend” posted a go fund me account for $500 for various reasons, but she is forever going out to eat, buying new clothes, etc. She won’t work. It isn’t that she can’t work, she just refuses to do so. It drives me crazy.

    1. And they lie all over everywhere to get any and all help they can. I think that is also what gets me about it too. They get daycare help with bills food just everything. But like you said refuse to work. But then people who really do need it go tell them the truth and everything they get little to no help. These are racking it in lying and not trying to do better. Then asking others to pay their bills and buy them toys.

      I know I am not working but I’m not even going places like that or asking others to pay my bills. I am getting loans ligit not lying and when im done with school i have to pay them back. But i am trying to do better for me and my kids and this is what i have to do then its what i will do.

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