When we were first talking about leaving for the storm was one night while making dinner.

My Big Boy out of the blue says: We have to take grandpa with us. If he gets left here and something happens and he gets blown all around in the storm I’m sure he will come back to haunt us.

I laughed and laughed, I had not even thought about my dad or taking him with us when we went. I decided we had to take grandpa and I took his guns and coin collection with us as well. I packed things as if we were not going to have a house to come back to. But I didn’t go crazy either. I just took those things my computer and important papers. The kids picked a few things and their clothes. Whatever they could fit in their bags after their clothes were packed they could take.

Anyway after Father of the Year loaded the truck and left I unloaded it to repack. I had stuck my dad down in a drill box and stuck his roll of knifes down beside him to keep it from falling over. I took the box out and sat it on the driveway then unloaded the rest. I walked around my truck and was putting stuff in and arranging it. I had Big Boy get up in the back and was handing him stuff to put back where I couldn’t reach. We finished and I walked around the truck to decide what to pack next. Well I tripped over the box with my dad in it, almost knocking it over and falling over it onto my face. About that time My Big Boy had gotten out and was coming around the truck asked what happen. I told him

He said, it’s a good thing you didn’t fall you would have to go to the hospital for face surgery and I would have to call daddy to come and sweep grandpa up off the driveway and put him back in his jar. Then he says I like your face the way it is, I don’t want you to have to get face surgery and I don’t think grandpa would be happy about being swept up with the dirt and put back in his jar with it.

He says this stuff with a straight face and he is serious about it not joking at all when he says it.

On our way home most places had no power and others could not use the water. We were all hungry and wanting to eat after eating sandwiches for two and a half days. My niece said to them, there should be a taco truck on every corner so that when something happens people can still get something to eat.


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