I am drowning in school work right now. Since we had to leave for the storm, had no power and then being sick for two days. I have one teacher who everything was due Monday at 7am he gave us until yesterday at 7am to turn it all in. Really 48 hours to get a weeks worth of work done. Oh and this isn’t a normal weeks worth of work where you watch his movie fill out the notes and take a test then answer the questions from the book and take the next test. No this week we have those two test, an easy test and two finales all due. And he gives 48 hours to finish it all knowing that most had to leave for the storm, didn’t get home until the weekend or later and din’t get power back until some Monday and most of us have other classes to take care of as well. Plus you can’t just come home and just pick up where you left off like nothing has just happened, you have to clean up from the storm, replaces all the food in your house because of not having power, just everything that goes with picking up after a storm. Lucky for me I only had to clean the fridge and extra freezer out, put my mailbox back up and shop. Some have a lot more to do than that. I need to rake the yard get everything out of it but it is just going to have to look a mess until I get to it or the yard guy gets it and I will have to pay him extra. I still have not shopped. We cooked everything up and used that for a few days, grabbed the kids lunch able’s and sandwich stuff for lunch. Yesterday I ran and got pizza after I picked them up from school and went to the coop to take care of the chickens. We ate and was in bed by 9. I was going to get up when I got the little ones to sleep and I was so wore out from running for a week or more that I could not hold my eyes open I decided to just sleep and get up and get started first thing this morning after I got the kids to school.

I took the kids to school and have been working on work I don’t even know if I am going to get a grade for it of any kind because I have been emailing the teacher for two days to find out why my work wasn’t there and when it was due to find out today that it was due yesterday. He didn’t lock it and he say not to do it I am just praying that if I get it in tonight he will give me a grade and not knock a bunch of points off because if he does or don’t give me a grade at all I will fail the class. It isn’t really right considering that all the other teachers gave us an extra week and some even until the last week of the term to get it all done and turned in.

I truly feel like I am drowning in work. I have a video of a mock counseling session to do plus two huge discussion boards. I should be working on it now but I have to get the kids to bed so I can get it quite in here to work. I will probably end up working through the night tonight, all day tomorrow and all day and night Sunday.

Monday I get to go on a field trip with my little guy and then Tuesday and Wednesday I have exams to take at the school.

Friday I have to go to the doctor about my breast because they have been bothering me again for a few weeks. They were a while back and stopped so I didn’t go but I really think I need to go and get it checked. Why I am there I am going to talk to them about getting all this other stuff checked and taken care of.


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