I ended up with all the kids home with me today. I didn’t get to bed until 3 am, that would have been fine if I had set the alarm right. But the kids don’t have to be at school until half hour after the little kids, with less lunches to make and people to get ready I could set the alarm for later. I set it for later alright, I set it for pm instead of am. We woke up at time to leave when the dog woke me up yer again. They kept me up all night for some reason couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them. I told the kids to get ready so we could go and my oldest who was all worried about getting her report card said she was going back to bed. They haven’t missed any days this year but one when we left for the store so they should be fine. The other days they were off everyone was off so they weren’t missing anything then either.

We all slept a little while longer now we are eating lunch, going to take my friend to the hospital and costume shopping. The girls have their costumes, they are going as wolves. My Little Bitty has said she wants to be the big bad wolf for a month or more now. I found her a wolf mask and tail the other day and last night I got her a gray long sleeve shirt and gray leggings to go with it. My oldest just likes wolves and decided she wanted to be one too. She got leggings, shirt and tail like my little one but she got ears for her head since they can’t wear mask at school. I tried to get her to get one of the wolf costumes at the store but she didn’t like them. She didn’t like the little skirts and things with it. I tried to get her a different dress but she wanted the same as the little one. I had a gray dress here that would probably been really cute and not skimpy but I have tore my closet apart looking for it and can’t find it anywhere. Really makes me mad because it was one of the few that I have that I really liked.

Oh well, I better get off here go get dressed and ready. They are cleaning out the truck so that we can get out of here and get back.



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