I don’t even know what to call this post but I am pissed off. I had not heard from Father of the Year in two or three days I was happy. I also had not heard from my mother in as many or more days just as good.

Tonight the kids wanted to watch some dvds that we got and wasn’t sure where the player was or how to hook it up. I told them and they tried and then they moved wires around and tried some more and couldn’t get it to work.

My oldest called her dad to ask him how to get it hooked up and they had the same that we already had, black and white and busing. Then he wants me on the phone so I get on the phone and he starts, what was I doing, why wasn’t I hooking it up, why didn’t I help them. I told him I had that it wasn’t working I didn’t know anymore about trying to fix it than they did other than just hooking and unhooking wires. Now I am back there trying to figure it out I finally got sound and no busing. He keeps saying this and that I told him to wait I was trying to figure out what we had and what was going on. He keeps on and on. The cords are color coded so it should be easy but it isn’t because we have cords of one color and different colors on the player or he tv.

He starts this shit what is wrong with you what are you doing? Then he says two or three times to me are you drinking? Have you been drinking? I’m like no there is nothing wrong with me your phone is cutting in and out again. I’m not drinking I don’t know what you are talking about. He keeps on again sounds like your drinking you have been drinking what are you doing bullshit. I tell him I am find I don’t know what he is talking about and that we have it hooked up. He says he has to go he is driving and trying to get home. I tell him fine we have it he wasn’t being any help anyway not making any since we have it working.

We get it going sit down and just get into the movie, my friend called I was talking to her about all that is going on with her and someone knocks on my door. I look out and it is him and my mother. I was so pissed then they sat here for like two hours. Of course we have a couch full of clothes that need folded because we have been doing laundry today the dog had just pissed on my carpet lovely. The dog was excited to see people here so she was trying to get out the door and see her.

She starts freaking out about the dog and she is such a bad dog and she was trying to attack her and she shouldn’t act that way when you bring someone in the house and she shouldn’t bark when she is in the cage and there is someone in your house she can see them. Yes she is going to bark and try to get to you she wants to see who you are, yeah she is going to bark at you when your in her house and she is in the cage because she hasn’t got to see who you are or anything about you and now she is locked in a cage your in her house with her family and she don’t know you. She is the same way when we are in the yard and someone walks by but if she gets lose she runs over smells and licks them. Any dog is going to bark and things when you are coming around their property or in their house and they are being restrained from coming up to you but you are coming up on them. Then telling the kids how she is a bad mix of different breeds of “bad” dogs and how we need to get rid of her. How she pee on the carpet and it’s dirty and making the house dirty. I was trying to roll the carpet up and take it out when they came and I will go out and scrub it with cleaner and the hose tomorrow. She would not have pee in the carpet if they had taken her out. She does really good now that she is older and house trained but she still can’t hold it forever and needs to go more often and faster than the other dog they try to put her off as long as they can or until they are forced to take her out. Then she will have accidents. But for the most part she is good about not going in the house.

Then she is asking me what night I want him to “watch” the kids. No not watching them taking them being a dad and doing what he is supposed to do and have the when it is his time. I said I might go out. It was with who and where and I shouldn’t do that and all that goes on these days. On and on she went. Then in a little bit she said something then says so you don’t want him to come and watch them then? I said no I didn’t say that I said I didn’t know I haven’t decided. I haven’t found anyone that don’t have plans or already doing something but I am still trying to decide what I am going to do.

Then she was back on the dog and started about RC and how I never wanted a bull dog until I was with him. How they have these dogs and teach them to be mean and how tough a dog they have. Farthest thing from the truth and she had no clue what she is talking about. yeah he had one but no one was trying to make it mean or anything like that. Far from it he worked and worked with that dog even as good as he was because of the kids and to make sure he was good with them. He worked and got him so that he wouldn’t take food out of your hand and things even from the little kids unless they gave it to him because of my little one when we started going over there. The reason I have a dog with the mix in her is because I didn’t know my dog was in heat she was out and got pregnant. We had already been talking about getting another dog because we had always had two and our other passed the year before. Then we found out she was pregnant I wasn’t going to have this little of puppy’s give them all away or take them to the shelter and dump them like she wanted us to do and then go get another one. She has a littler of puppy’s then keep one. Keeps one more puppy out of the shelter and off the street. Not add to the shelter and then go get another one because it isn’t what you picked. Hell the shelter gave me one that was horrible with my kids after refusing to give me the one that was great with them. It’s all in how they are raised and these three dogs that she is talking about she done said before the owners were mean to them didn’t treat them right and things. Now she says oh they were raised there and been there since they were puppy’s blah blah. One I know they had, had problems with them from the time they got him I don’t know where they got him but he tried attacking a few people then they woke up with him attacking them. It was no surprise and no compairasen to my dogs who I have had the one since birth and know how she has been treated and taken care of and always around my kids. The other I have had sine she was 6 weeks old and know the people I got her from very well. Neither have been miss treated or tried to attack anyone not even her even though she says she does every time she comes over. She is a barker and she is a puppy she is excited to see people when they come over and to get attention.

Then he is texting me after he gets home telling me how worried he is about me and he thinks I need to get checked out and something is wrong. I wasn’t answering him and there was a delay when I was. He thinks there is something wrong from when I wrecked my truck and things. I said no I was answering you but I told you to hold on I was trying to do something and your phone kept cutting in and out. I started ignoring you and went on doing what I was trying to do like I told you I was. I also told you I was fine and that I wasn’t drinking but your just trying to start shit for whatever reason you are. He says I don’t know what you are talking about and I still care about you and this is hard. What was the big deal we came over what are you trying to hide. I said I wasn’t trying to hide anything we were trying to clean up get stuff done here and I have tons of school work to get done it’s 10 something at night, now it is after 1 and nothing had gotten done they haven’t gotten to watch their movies or anything else. He says no you weren’t you were watching movies not doing things. Like he knows what we have been doing or what we are doing. I said no your not here and don’t know we were putting the movie in for the little kids and trying to get stuff done so that I can do my school work and the kids can watch movies too.

They just piss me off, the kids don’t even want to go over there. They want to see him but they don’t want to go stay over there and he isn’t going to keep coming here and hanging out either. He hasn’t been coming over very often at all or calling and I haven’t been contacting him or trying to get a hold of him until the kids wanted to last tonight then he pulls this shit.

Ah she started about my stove and having stuff sitting on it. Someone left the box of ice cream cones on it when we were having ice cream so my house is going to burn down and the kids are going to get stuck in the house. Make sure everything is off of it when we go to bed at night you never know and what might happen.



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