{October 26, 2016}   Thrown Out

Today was Father of the Year’s birthday, the kids wanted him to come over so they could see him. He got off at 330 and had to go about 15 miles back by his house to drop a guy off from work. This guy he says don’t ride with him in the morning and not always in the evening. I don’t know why he told him he would take him today but ok whatever. Then he told me he had to go do something else as well before he came, probably why he told this guy he would take him home he was going back that way anyway. The kids wanted to get movies and bake a cake but like I told him by the time he got here it would be to late to do all that they needed to go to bed for school tomorrow. My Big Boy has gotten in trouble at school a few times for falling a sleep. One time wasn’t his fault but the others were because he didn’t go to bed when told. I finally told him to just come Saturday and they could get the movies they wanted and bake a cake then. He said ok but he was still coming by to see them. I was fine with that. He showed up about 7 something we were getting ready to have dinner.

We all ate and watched a couple shows the kids wanted to watch. I told my Big Boy to get a shower and then sent all the kids to bed. This was between 930 and 10. I even made the comment to him about going home he just looked at me. Then he said he was just going to stay here tonight. I said why you don’t live here? He didn’t say anything went on talking to the kids and things. I told him a few times to go home he just kind of ignored me or made off hand comments. He said it be easier to just get up and leave from here in the morning. I told him he couldn’t just come over here and decide to stay the night whenever he felt like it. He could see the kids then go home. I told him I have a mid term to study for I have to take in the morning. I have school work to get done and that I am not going to not do it tonight or go in the other room so he can sleep he needs to go home. You can do whatever it don’t matter. I said I don’t want you sitting here on top of me why I am doing it and hearing I’m why you didn’t sleep. It is my house you have a house and bed go sleep in it don’t sleep on my couch and mess it up either. I sat here and started doing stuff on line and watching my show I like to watch. He sat here through about 4 of them it was after midnight. I finally looked at him and said you have to be up in less than 6 hours to go to work and you are not going to ever get up if you don’t go home and go to bed. He started about staying here again tonight. I asked him again why when he don’t live here? That he couldn’t just come over and stay the night. Then he said he didn’t expect it to be so late when he got done seeing the kids. I said the kids have been in bed for hours now I keep telling you to go home. It was not late when the kids went to bed like I said they were in bed by 10. Then he sat here why I kept telling him to go home. I finally said go home I got to get my stuff done I am trying to get through it so I can go to bed. He got all huffy said fine you want me to go home then as late as it is? I said um yes you do not live here and I have been telling you since 930 to go home and that you had to go home. He got huff got up his stuff and stomped out pissed off.

Then he gets home and sends me a message that say something about it being National I care day to pass this along to everyone you care about including me if you care about me and it had a big thing of sparkling flashing flowers under it. I just looked at it and went on. I have told him many of times I don’t and I just had to throw you out of my house. He hates it you can tell every time I say it’s my house you don’t live here it isn’t your house how he gets pissed off.

[…] here. We had dinner, watched some stuff on tv and I sent the kids to bed. He just sat here until I threw him out. Just the way he kept looking around and the way he would look at me and look when I would say he […]

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