{October 28, 2016}   Halloween Begins

It’s 1 am I have to be up and not only get the kids to school by 9 am but I have to stay there with them for the day. They are having their fall festival tomorrow and I am helping out. Once we leave there we have to pick the little kids up run home eat get them in their costumes and go back to their school for their fall party. Right now I am wide awake watching The Voice.

I want to go out Saturday, Father of the year is supposed to come do the birthday thing with the kids we will see if he does I guess. I want to dress up but have no idea of what because I don’t have the money to spend on a costume. I don’t even know if we are supposed to be dressing up tomorrow or not for the older kids school things. Oh well I have told them all week to ask and they didn’t. Maybe they don’t want me to. I have an idea I may do for a costume but it is not something I can do at either of their schools. Me and my friend that is supposed to go out with me Saturday are talking about going as Jack & Coke, my drank. jack-and-cokeI was looking for a Jack Daniels t-shirt it is as much as buying a costume, but I think I can get a white fabric pen for a couple dollars and a black t-shirt for a few dollars and do it. I have a red coke shirt already. We may or may not do it we haven’t decided. I just want to go out with it being Halloween it’s going to be odd sitting there with everyone all dressed up. Either way we are going out.

I have to stay up tomorrow night and get most of my school work done. I have a midterm and all my other work to get done. I think I got a little bit of it finished the other day when I was looking at it but I can’t remember what if I did. I wish I was as into it when I was taking all them classes I really didn’t care about taking or want to take. I am but like I said earlier I just can’t make myself do it as much as I want to.

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