One more to go spent the day at the big kids school helping with their fall festival. The other moms and ladies were really funny and nice. We have the same inappropriate hummer. With that there were lots of laughs. The kids all seemed to have fun they played games, talked and ate.

I picked the kids up early from after care so that we could come home get everyone something to eat and in their costumes. Tonight is the little kids trunk or treat. We have to stay after and help with clean up since I couldn’t really be there before to do anything and I have the kids during it. After the kids can all chip in and help and we will be done faster.

I am so tired I just want to take a nap now and can’t. I told the kids I am not cooking tonight they are eating whatever leftover are in the fridge. If they are still hungry they can have some of their lunch stuff that is in there or make a sandwich.



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