{October 29, 2016}   Trunk or Treat

I took the kids to the little kids school for their trunk or treat last night and it was okay. They had a handful of cars, mostly teachers or their families and then a water slide and bounce house. They did’t have water on the water slide since everyone was in costumes.

It seemed really disorganized and a bit of a mess. I had them go to all the cars first to get that done then let them go to the slide. There was a lady at it keeping the kids in order and from running over each other, going up the slide backwards and things like that. She wanted someone to sit at the top to keep the kids from fighting and hanging out up there so my Big Boy went up to do it. In a little bit she left and some other lady was doing it but she left in just a minute or two. I thought she was someone from the school or helping the school out who was supped to be doing it but I guess she wasn’t. because we went to the bounce house and there was no one doing anything there and it was worse than the slide. I told my little ones to go back to the slide for a while and wait for the bounce house. We got back to it it was getting way out of hand. So I took over and started doing it. My Big Boy was still up there trying to make sure they did what they were supposed to do when they were at the top I ended up standing there for an hour watching all the kids on the slide and trying to make sure they didn’t kill each other and listened. There were very few parents around I know most were staff at the schools kids and they were hellions. There was a few little boys that just would not listen no matter how much you told them. Not once did a staff member come around to see if everything war alright at the slide or bounce house. At one point the lady who was there when we first came up had to make everyone get off because it came lose and was losing air. I guess one of the parents hooked it back up. Then if something happen their going to say they don’t know how that happen.

We stayed til the end to help clean up when we asked the lady she said she didn’t think they really needed anyone that they pretty much had it there was only a few tables and things to be taken in. My kids were not happy when I went to see what we needed to help clean up. They were like we ran the slide for an hour or more they should be happy with that. I felt the same way but I said we would help clean up and so I was going to do it. No one said we had to run the slide I just done it because my little ones were playing and having a blast going up and down. They love the high slides like that for some reason. They went up and down the one at the fair I can’t tell you how many times. If they weren’t doing that they be at home watching tv or running around the house. I been with the big kids at their school all day it wasn’t going to kill them to hand out with the little kids why they had some fun.

But it is over and not something I would sign up to do again next year I don’t think. The kids want to do a trunk and hand out candy next year, if we are still there I may do that but not sure about that either. Just not impressed with it. It was the first trunk or treat we had done. I expected a lot more cars and things when I see them most the time there. I guess maybe because it is a small school.

Over all I think it is just the school, they seem to do just what they have to do get by and stay open. They do not seem to have a lot of parent involvement either. But I think it is because they do just what they have to do to be open and it is kind of cliquish with the stay and things. The fact that they do not do much is one reason my older kids are not there. It’s a great school for the little kids but I think when it comes to the older kids and offering more and doing more they fall very short.

I know the older kids school do not offer a lot of extra and things like that but they do offer some things and they only have 13 kids not a school full from 3 years to 18 years like the other school. I am just glad it is all temporary. Just make it through this year for my little guy and he can go to the other school with the older kids and after that we should be moved.

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