When I told my friends boyfriend about what my Little Guy said about him being the worlds best babysitter one of his replies was just so you sumone look'in in from the have 4 amazing young'inz...each one talented on their own way and that speaks volumes as to the job your do'in raise'in … Continue reading complements


Babysitters are Hard to Come By

And I found two of the best according to my Little Man As you all know Saturday night when I went out my friend watched the kids. They had fun and my Little Guy told me she was the best babysitter ever and wanted me to go out again so she would come back. Yesterday … Continue reading Babysitters are Hard to Come By

Not Down Sizing to Live with Someone

My mom called me today when I was on my way to get the older kids from school. Out of an hour conversation most of it was spent pushing me to move in with her and Father of the Year. I spent most of that hour telling her I was driving to get kids and … Continue reading Not Down Sizing to Live with Someone