{November 2, 2016}   Breast Check

I called this morning and got an appointment to go see the doctor. They got me in with in an hour or two. I was early even and they got me back right away. Then the nurse asked if I was still on Lexa Pro? I told her no that I never took it when they gave it to me my ob/gyn said not to. I also told her I was having trouble with the pregnancy so I didn’t end up taking anything at all because of it. Once I had the baby I was better and hadn’t taken anything. But that I was seeing someone at the counseling center and she felt I should talk to them or the local mental health place to get something. I figured it be better to get it from them to keep from adding another place and doctor to go to she said yes that was a good idea. She took it out and said to talk to the doctor about it.

The doctor came in she was really nice and ask me all about what was going on I told her. She said they needed to do an exam. I was surprised she had me get undressed right there and gave me the little paper thing to put on. I figured they would have done that before she came in. She checked me why I was sitting up then had me lay down and felt them and everything. She said she felt cyst in them and there really wasn’t anything they could do for them. But that she wanted me to go for a mammogram to be safe because they couldn’t tell if there was cancer without it. She had ask if there was breast cancer or something else in the family. I told her no not breast but just about any an all other kinds very bad that most of my family had it in many places not just one. I told her that I was not able to get the lymph-node out and that I needed a new order for the thyroid so I could get that taken care of.

She had not problem ordering any of it for me. She gave me the paper work for the two test and said they sent my medication over to the store so I could go pick it up. The nurse said she had faxed them to the hospital next door I told her I lived farther away could I take them any where and she faxed them somewhere else closer to home for me. They don’t want to see me back for a month though. I guess if I get the test and something is wrong they will call me to come in sooner. I will get a copy of it after I get it done if it says something is wrong then I will call them too.

I ask her what caused the cyst and she ask if I drink coffee? I told her maybe one or twice a day at most some days none. She said caffeine can cause them. I don’t think it is from the coffee because like I said I don’t drink that much or that often. But I have been drinking coke all the time again like it’s water. I ha stopped drinking coke when me and RC were together I think before I even got pregnant and had not drink it since until the last 8 months or so. Now I drink it way to much.

More reason to  quit drinking coke again. I just really don’t like drinking water I don’t know why it is just not something I have ever really liked drinking. But I bought a case of water last night. I drank a little bit of coke this morning just a drink as I was going out the door to leave and I had a tea. But even the tea I don’t drink all that often. I am going to try stopping today and not drink anymore at all.

I forgot to go get my medication from the store before I picked the kids up I guess I will have to go get it in a little bit. I still haven’t told anyone I am talking to anyone or that I am taking anything. Well I told my two friends that I talk to and you all but I haven’t told any family or anything. I don’t plan to. My friend says that it will help me sleep at night so I am trying to decide if I should take it at night or in the day. I can’t remember I think I took it in the day time before I think. I guess I will look at it and see what it say or just try it and see if I feel like I should take it at night or in the day.

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