I went and seen the counselor again today, we talked about being me being so tired. I told her I was sleeping most the night and most the day as well. She said that sleeping while the kids are at school or at night while they do but both wasn’t good. She said that I had to get back on some kind of schedule. Of course I know it isn’t good I’m not getting anything done that way my school work is really suffering because of it. I told her that I cold drink coffee all day and still not be able to hold my eyes open. She said that I need to stop drinking the coffee and the coke. She thinks that it is having the opposite effect on me and making me want to sleep more. I had not drank coke in years and started drinking it again over the last few months and it is all I drink anymore.

Like I told her at times I wouldn’t sleep for days or I would sleep in the morning for a little bit. I would get tired in the after noon or evening while I was picking the kids up, getting dinner, baths, homework and kids to bed. But by the time I got them to bed I would have that second wind and be good to go for the night. Anymore I am not getting that second wind. Not even a hint of one. She said she thinks if I stop drinking the coffee and coke and get on some medication things will even back out. I still want to join the gym and think that would really help me to do better and feel better if I lost some of this weight.

She also asked me about going to the doctor and when I was and if I was going to talk to them about getting on some kind of medication. I told her yes that I was going to she thought that was a good idea.

I am going to call tomorrow and try to get in. I call they keep telling me I need to call the day I want to come in. Lately I have just been so tired that I don’t call I just come home go back to sleep. Or the days I stay up it’s because I have other stuff to do so I do it and don’t have time to go in. I really do need to get my thyroid checked because if they treat that I may not need the other medications. I guess we will see. I am supposed to go back to her in two weeks, she didn’t have anything next week. So it will give me a little time to get in there.



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