It’s barely lunch time and I have had a bird to the vet, dropped 3 kids off at school, had one kid to the doctor and took a friend to the store. I am now home sitting on the couch with my computer why my Little Guy watches Pac man Christmas. I just want to take a nap and feel bad to not sit here with him.

Soon as we woke up my Big Boy comes running in my room telling me that my oldest needed help with her bird something was wrong with it. I came out to see what was going on and it had its leg all caught and tied up in its hut thing that hangs in the cage.

I tried to help her get it off and it was fighting the other bird was going on and the dogs were having a fit in the cage. We took it in the bedroom and tried to cut it off and couldn’t get it. I got the little scissors, from a nail set I just bought the other day and tried to use them to get it lose. He kept biting and twisting around. I thought it had already broken it’s leg. We didn’t know how long it has been stuck or nothing. I loaded all the kids up in the truck and was trying to figure out who was up at 730 in the morning that could help me get this off this bird. I had no clue. I was going to go to my friends house that comes over sometimes I had been talking to her before we found the bird, but I figured she wouldn’t be able to get it either because we couldn’t keep it still and wouldn’t know if it was broke or what to do. I was really worried about cutting it’s leg and not being able to stop it from bleeding.

I finally went a few miles up the road from us to our vets office I remembered they opened pretty early com paired to most stuff around. I didn’t want to have to pay to get it done but at that point didn’t really have a choice. I knew there it wouldn’t cost that much either because we already take out animals there anyway. We got there and took it in. The lady at the desk ask if we had an appointment I told her no but we needed help and showed her the bird. She said the vet that deals with birds was off today and the one who handles them at her other office would not be in until late today. She did give us a number to another vet not horribly far away. I called them on the way and the lady ask they said bring it in they would see what they could do. I asked her what it would cost and she said $48.

I called Father of the Year and told him I was on my way to the vet with the bird and that I didn’t know what else to do because it was so knotted up in everything and I thought the leg was broke it may lose it’s leg but I didn’t have money to pay to take it to the vet he was going to have to help. I figured he say he couldn’t or he give me half of it or couple dollars. He said ok he would drop it off he had to come by the house on his way to an interview. I told him we were already halfway to the vet about to pull in. He said he would meet us there. He got there right when it was time to pay. He paid it all, I was surprised. I just let him I didn’t offer to pay part or half. I figured if he is going to hand it over and pay let him he isn’t helping me right now anyway. I also got her a bag of food why we were there and put it on with the bill he bought it too. I told her I thought the one bird was kind of small and the vet said he was little as well and needed to be on different food. It was kind of a lot to me but from reading it, it should last a while and if I waited to get something at a different store later to get it cheaper then I would have had to pay whatever it cost out of my pocket This way it came out of his.

Thank goodness the bird was not hurt its leg was fine. Nothing hurt or broken and he is back home with his buddy and they are both happy. I was worried it might die by the time we got it to the vet it was panting from not being able to get away and then being covered with the towel and drove around in the truck. But so far it seems fine now that we are home.

The big kids were 45 minutes late for school because they had to come home get dressed and pack their lunch before I could take them. My little one was about an hour and something late, but since it is more daycare than “school” kids come and go whenever so it wasn’t a big deal. After we dropped the big kids off I went to take my friend to the store and then decided to just go on to the doctor and have my Little Guy checked out since we are going into a three day weekend. She said he is fine and he just has what my youngest had. What I figured but I was already that close and it being a holiday weekend.


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