Lately my Little Bitty has been going to bed before me, still in my bed just before me. For a few nights we went to bed together and she ask me to say her prayers with her.

This night she went without me, when I got in bed she woke up, I asked her if she said her prays?

She said yes.

Me figuring she didn’t I ask her what she said in her prayers, thinking she say she forgot or the normal keep my family safe, thanks for my house and things.

She rolls over looks at me and says I told God two things.

I said you did what was that?

She said about my toys and to bring you a husband!!!!

I said a husband for me?

She said yes, smiled, closed her eyes, rolled over and went back to sleep.

I asked why and she did not answer. I was shocked to say the lest I don’t know where she got that or why she would think of such a thing. I have never said anything about wanting a husband or boyfriend or anything like that in front of her. Not the kind of thing I talk about in front of any of the kids. If she has heard me say anything it would be I don’t want to get married again once was enough.

My friend says that she has a different plan and she is going higher up. I told her I don’t care how high up she goes I am not getting remarried.


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