My Little Bitty is sick, she has been sick since last weekend and been to the doctor three times since last Saturday. Last weekend she had  high fever in the night so I took her to the weekend clinic for kids and they said she was fine. Her ears weren’t infected like I was worried about. Virus or flue thing that is going around.

That was Saturday Monday she still wasn’t better and I had to take my Little Guy for a physical so I took her in to be checked by her doctor and she said the same as the other. We get to Thursday and she is rolling on the floor crying that her ear was hurting. After a miserable night with a cranky 3 year old we went back to the doctor yesterday and now she has an ear infection. The last three days have been hell with her. I love her to death but she is making everyone miserable. She is whining about everything and whining is a huge pet peeve of mine.

We had meltdown about sharing popsicles with her brothers because they are Elsa and Elsa is for girls not boys. It don’t matter that they shared the ice cream they got with her. As I write this she is having a fit for me to open bubbles for her to blow in the house. Whatever she thinks of or bothers her next she finds a reason to melt down over it.

I have somethings to do outside I am going to take her out and hope she finds something to do without melting down for a little bit. I am about ready to run away.


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