My oldest is 12.5 we have a Save A Lot just blocks away from us. If I just want a quick trip to the store without dragging everyone through the store I will have her run in why I sit in the car with the little ones. They have huge windows I can see all through most of the store and the only door to go in and out. This is the conversation we had while cooking dinner tonight. She had run in to grab fries and oil for tonight.

Oldest daughter/My Big Girl: I don’t like doing in the store?
Me: Why not?
My Big Girl: Because when I am trying to checkout people stick their stuff up on top of your stuff and try to push you out of the way.
Me: don’t let them says, I was here could you move your stuff.
My Big Girl: I just don’t like it.
Me: Use your voice don’t let people push you around or out of the way. Do I need to send your brother with you to handle the problem?
Oldest Son/My Big Boy(11 yo): What?
Me: Explains whats going on.
My Big Boy: I say excuse me I was here first could you please move your stuff?
Me gets up close to his face and says: NO I won’t what are you going to do about it?
My Big Boy: Tell my mommy
Me: Laughing so hard I almost cried.
My Big Boy: What is so funny your terrifying when you get mad and yell. you terrify me and I listen.

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