Father of the Year made an appearance today out of the blue half unannounced like always. He called and I answered he said he was on his way over about 1130 this morning. I was surprised he called he never does most the time he just shows up, then wants to know where we are why we aren’t home or bitch because aren’t doing what he thinks we should be when we he thinks. He said he couldn’t stay long just a little bit he had to go home and work on the truck he has supposed to of worked on for almost a year.

I ran up to take a friend to the store he started about how long I was going to be gone he had to go soon. He just walked in the door and not seen them in a week or more.

A friend gave me a vacuum she got from someone by her who was moving and it was a mess. I didn’t want to take it but I did because I needed one so bad and have no money to get one. Father of the Year broke mine then got a new one and broke it too. Then says well it was cheap I didn’t try to, it wasn’t my fault same old same. I told him I didn’t care the one I had wasn’t cheap and he broke it wasn’t my fault what he bought was cheap and if he leave it alone he wouldn’t have broke it. I don’t know why he ever touched the one that was just bought. When he got here he wanted to know where it came from and why it was here. I told him because I needed one and couldn’t buy one since he wasn’t paying and that he hadn’t replaced the one I had he broke yet again. I told him he could clean it since he broke mine and it is all I have if he didn’t want to go buy one. He said he would when I went to take her to the store and he never started on it until I got back.

Why he was cleaning it I took Big Boy to the chicken coop and checked on them so that I didn’t have to take them all with them. I got back he had this thing taken all apart and cleaning it and when he finished he sat here forever. I kept telling him he needed to go it was going to be to late to look at the truck again. He kept saying ok. I told him I needed to get stuff done he just kept sitting. He finally left about 4 something with no time until dark to do anything.

Then he calls me in a little bit and wants to know if he can come have dinner with the kids, make dinner and eat with them it was to late to work on the truck it was going to be getting dark in a little bit. I didn’t want him to but I told him fine because I have my school work to get done tonight and the kids have been sick and whiny so I have barely gotten to work on it. I text him and told him to go to the store and get stuff too because I had enough for me and them and not him too. He said ok. It will let the kids spend some more time with him too. Not that he does much with them when he is here other than sit here. That is why I told him to clean the vacuum, I knew he would take it all apart and clean everything out. I don’t have time to clean it like it needed to be cleaned between dealing with sick kids, school and taking everyone every where.

He comes around once every two or three weeks for a hour or two before bed then wants to sit here all night and try to spend the night, I have to throw him out. I will probably have to throw him out tonight to get him to leave.

He didn’t have much to say today like the last few times he was here. Like he just sits back and watches or looks around. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s odd really. Oh well nothing going on that shouldn’t and nothing he can try and say anything about. He did say something about me letting my oldest walk in the store alone to grab a few things. Like I said before I can pretty much see her through the whole store. How bad things are in the world today. The things people do. I am sure that he can’t make anything out of that either I could send her to walk there if I wanted to and have her get things but I don’t. Still nothing he could do or say. Like I told him she is almost 13 she can go in places and do things on her own. The world is a lot safer now than it ever has been probably. Either way we can not keep our kids in bubbles and never let them do things on their own and then expect them to know how to live on there own or get a job or service in the world on their own when they turn 18.


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