I am tired of the kids trashing the house and not caring about things or that someone has to clean it. They all have chores that are basic things like cleaning up after yourself and helping because you live here and it’s what you do. Then they had chores they could get paid money for. They never get past the normal day to day things they need to do to get to the paid ones. They have to do the day to day ones to be able to do the ones they get paid for, and they must do them without being reminded a thousand times, fighting about it or taking forever. This keeps them from just doing the chores to make money and not the others.

They do not care they will leave the day to day chores for weeks if I do not raise my voice and terrify them and even that don’t seem to bother them. They do things like help make dinner and take out the trash but that is about it.

We just cleaned everything off the floors and mopped them Wednesday afternoon and today there is trash, toys and everything else under and around stuff. I am so tired of every time I look around seeing mess every where and the floors needing to be mopped every day. The two older ones no better and I think they are worse than the younger ones. Then they cry about cleaning it up.

Today I am holding all their favorite stuffed animals that they sleep with hostage until they get this house in order, the floors cleaned up and the dogs bathed. If they don’t do it they don’t have their stuffed animal or watch tv. I am still having to stay on them to do it.

I know part of it is because I have been feeling so bad that I have been to lax on them lately. But my older two are old enough to know better and to want to live better than this. They need to set an example for the little two. Even not feeling good and being lax I have not been letting things go. I have still been cleaning and trying to keep up with things. They may have been let go longer between being done but they been being done. Most things get done every few days I been letting things go and just doing them weekly or as needed when we had time. Some of it just seems like no matter how much we work on and do it never ends, like mopping the floors and washing laundry or keeping the kitchen clean.

I feel like I am after them to do the things they are supposed to do that I don’t get other stuff done. If they would just do the things they are supposed to do then we would have time to spend to get the rest caught up and it wouldn’t seem like we never get a break between stuff or it is never done. I get so aggravated with them for not doing the simple things they need to do that I don’t feel like doing anything because why do it if no one cares and is just as happy living in a pig pen? I know I can’t think that way but it is how I feel anymore.

I know it isn’t to much or things they can’t do or shouldn’t be doing. We have talked about it with the therapist and she has even told them all that the things that I ask of them is nothing compared to what some of the kids she see’s are asked to do and that with all I do for them and clubs and things that they are lucky. Most kids do way more than they do in chores and cleaning and don’t do any of the kinds of things they get to do or go the places they get to go. They still don’t care.

They clean a little then come and want to know if they can have their stuff back or not. I keep telling them not until the job is done and that it would take less time if they stop coming to ask for their stuff every few minutes. Now they are running around playing instead of doing it because mom isn’t on their butt and standing over them to make them do it. Mom is doing something else so we should have a free for all through the house instead. Then cry when we can’t have our stuff back. I am going to go find a bag for the vacuum so the floors can be vacuumed and mopped.

And now I guess deal with a “broken” foot that needs a band aid.


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