I need to find a way to get $2000 until February. Even if I had half now and half the first of the year I would be fine and could get by until I got my money in February. I have no clue how I am going to do that. I have to do it so that I do not mess up my childcare because I have to have it in January when I start school again because I will be working for one of my class. But it is unpaid. I have started applying places looking for part time seasonal help but not hearing back. I can only work like 930 to 2 Monday though Friday. I wish I could find a kid to watch at night or in the evenings when the kids get home from school. I could make $100 a week doing that. I don’t care for watching kids but if it was just for the next couple months then I could do that. But then most people want someone who is able to do it all the time not just a few months. I am putting it out there everywhere that I am looking to make extra however I can.

Right now I am really to tired to even think about it I have been up since Sunday at 10:30 am and it is now Monday and 10:30 pm. I am going to go take my pill lay down and hope I fall a sleep. I have to get kids to school and go to my appointment at 11 and then a chicken meeting and chickens after school.


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