{November 14, 2016}   OCD Germaphobe

Tonight my friend sent me a message and ask if I would take her and her boyfriend up to the hospital so he could get his foot looked at. I told her yes to in a little bit because Father of the Year was on his way back he could sit with the kids. When he got here I ran them up there and dropped them off.

He is diabetic and had gotten a sore on his foot. It’s been there for a while, he took medication he had for it and it didn’t get better. She has been telling him he needs to go and I have told him I would take him but he hasn’t went. Now it has gotten infected and rather large. He got there and they kept him. They are talking about maybe having to take his foot off.

Father of the Year didn’t go home in time to work on the truck and called asking if he could come over and see the kids some more. I let him and they had dinner and things. I figured it would let me get school done since I had been dealing with sick kids all week. I sent the older kids to bed at 8 and finally got them there around 930 after keeping after them because he was here. My Little Bitty stayed up wanted story read, he did that, then she wanted another one, to watch tv and other stuff. I kept telling her to go to bed and him to go home. He sat here with her until midnight. Then talking about how late it was he had to be up by 430 to go to work. This is a new company still a temp company and a few days of work then he has to see if they have anything after that.

I had told my friend if she wanted to go home and he was here I would pick her up. She hadn’t asked and I hadn’t said anything about it and was going to let him go home. I wanted him to go because she could stay there with him if she had too. He was here when I got done with my work and was talking about how late it was so I said I was going to go give her a ride home just go to sleep on the couch.

I don’t even get to the hospital and my mom is calling me wanting to know why he is here and staying when I make him leave any other time and going on about how she has this final to go take in the morning and now she can’t sleep because of stuff that has been going on around there and she don’t feel safe. I told her it wasn’t because of me the only reason I left was because he had no plan of going home. She wanted me to call her when I got home but I didn’t I was trying to finish school stuff and was going to go to bed. She had said she was going to change it for a different time. I told her to make it for about 1 if she wanted it be time to do it and get her home so that I could pick the kids up. When I got home she text him and told him to come home so she could sleep. I told him to tell her to just text me when she was going for the test and that i was trying to hurry get this done and go to bed.

Well it wasn’t no time she was calling me back two or three times because I didn’t answer and wanted to know why I hadn’t called her I was supposed to. Then something was brought up about taking them to the hospital and things. I told her he had this infected place on his foot they kept him said he may lose his foot because he didn’t come in sooner. Then she was all freaked out and talking about them being in my truck and getting that all in my truck. I told her he had shoes on wasn’t like he was in there with it all open rubbing it all over everything. He was probably messing with it before he put his shoes on and people don’t wash their hands like they should and even if they do it don’t kill everything and how she has to put this chemo stuff on her face and can’t get any kind of infection. She wanted to know where he rode and she bet in the front on and on. I told her yes he rode in the front. Then it was why is he riding in the front with you instead of her? Why does it matter like she trying to make something out of that or something. I told her because he is like 300 lbs or more and it was easier for him to get in and out of the front. She just kept going on and on about the germs and her catching something. I finally told her I had to go so I could finish this work and go to bed.

I text my friend and told her what time I had to take mom for her test and when I would be free to give her a ride back up there and things. I told her that was if she even went for her test tomorrow or not and what was going on.

I bet it wasn’t even 5 minutes she was calling me back and telling me that she guess Father of the Year was going to have to miss this job and take her to her test in the morning and to her test I was supposed to take her to on Tuesday. I just said ok. Then she said how the kids weren’t going t be able to come over there for months now because of this. How she was hoping that when she was done with school next month they could come over there why they were out of school and things. I just said ok. She is like you understand why and how bad this is and important this is that I don’t catch anything don’t you. I just said yeah and let it go. Then she was telling me how I needed to go wash my hands really good, not in the kitchen, wash my keys, get a pan of bleach water and bleach my truck down really good, bleach my house down and all this. I just said ok I got to go I am still trying to get this school done and go to bed before it gets to much later. She just said ok and bye.

I can not believe how germophobe she really is. She was never this bad until the last few years. She has always had little things but nothing that made no one want to be there or around her. I know some of it is stress and things but it isn’t all stress. She will say she knows this or that isn’t right at times but she can’t help it and if the stress wasn’t so bad or this wasn’t this way she would be better or wouldn’t be like this. The bottom line is she needs to go somewhere talk to someone and get treated. I don’t think she is going to get better without some kind of help from medication. But she don’t want to go get any so she is going to stay this way. Like I have said from the start it is up to her if she does or she doesn’t, but it is also up to me if I am going to go there and deal with her and to what extent. I am also not going to change what I do, how I do things, who I help or how I help them because of the way she is. I can not live my life worried about germs and all the other things that she is worried about like she does. I will go insane and cause my kids to as well.

I knew I had to take her this morning to her test and Tuesday, but I didn’t feel that it was a big deal. Like I said it wasn’t like it was something that was being spread all over the truck or even out and open while he was in the truck. I honestly never thought about it being a problem and do not feel that it is now. I feel she is over reacting very much so.

I think that her having him take off to take her knowing that he probably will not get work from this place again if he does is really messed up but I didn’t say anything. Like I told him before when he said he didn’t know if he would get more he better go to day labor or where ever he can get money. It don’t matter what it pays at this point as long as it is paying. I got to get this stuff sold and i should be good for a month or so. I will figure out from there what to do.

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