What a day it has been. I don’t know if I talked about my friend who’s hubby brings food home from work. He gets tons of food from work that he can bring home. He brought some home and my friend brought me some and put some for them in my extra freezer outside. He got some different stuff today and she brought some over to put in there and brought me some. He gets home at like 5/6 am so then she brings it from there. Yesterday she got here early before we went to school today she didn’t get here until after I left. I told her I would be back in a little bit. I ran a little late and she called me while I was standing in the office talking to the teachers and things at the older kids school. She said she just been in an accident. I told her I would be there in a few minutes I was on my way. I did what I had to do and left. I called her when I got in the car and she said that she hit someone from behind. They pulled over and the women was saying no, no and motioning to she was leaving and got in the car when asked about calling the police or what. So the cops weren’t called. My friend was worried she was going to call she said her car wasn’t messed up just a scratch on the bumper. My friends car is messed up in the front she has to get a new bumper and other stuff.

I finished with her picked my other friend up to take her to the hospital on my way to therapy. I ended up being an hour early after dropping her off. I went checked on somethings with my new couch and tables, then went and got a burger for lunch. By then it was just about time to be there I parked and ate it then went inside. I talked to the counselor about what all is going on then went and picked my friend up from the hospital.

After I picked my friend up we came back to my house on the way I stopped and talk to one of my grandpa’s friends who stopped and talked to me yesterday morning when I was getting the kids in the truck. He came back later that morning and knocked on the door. I wasn’t dressed and was laying here watching tv and didn’t answer it. He as out I stopped to see what he had needed. He was wanting to tell me about a fish tank he had. I had asked him yesterday about one he had in a yard sale over the weekend. He said he sold it. He came back to tell me he had another one he would sell. Then he told me he made $300 from his yard sale. He said Thursday is his busiest day.

Me and my friend talked I have stuff at the kids school Thursday she is going to come over Wednesday night and stay the night. That way she is here why I take the kids to school and sit her why I go to the school for lunch with the kids and to pick them up later. When she comes Wednesday we are going to go through the house and see what else we can find to maybe sell. I am putting anything and everything out there.

Then we had to go to the chicken coop and a chicken club meeting. I couldn’t go feed chickens before or after the meeting I had to go out there twice. Because the meeting it at 7 at night it’s dark out. We have to go to the chickens before it gets dark. It isn’t far it is just the extra time going there and home then back again.

The kids are still being horrid brats and fighting with each other non stop. I am ready to pull my hair out.

Guess I better go take my pill and go to bed. I have to take it at night so I don’t feel all the nasty side effects from it. But then I have to go to bed when I take it because it makes me sleepy.


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