Ok this says today or tonight but it was last night, I started writing it and had to stop and finish it today.

I finally tried to have a yard sale today I got some of the stuff moved out and put signs up. My friend stayed with me and stayed here why I ran the kids to school and went to lunch. We had to pack it up about lunch time but we just slid it up into the carport. We are doing it tomorrow and Saturday too.

my other friend the one who’s husband gets the food from work had some stuff in my freezer. She was storing it so that she could take it to her sons today. They are in South Carolina. That was fine, I had the room it wasn’t hurting anything. She told me last night she was coming today around 11/12. I told her that was fine if I wasn’t here that I had someone that would be here. I told her she would have to go through the house to get to where the freezer was and get the stuff. Doing this stuff for the sale I moved stuff to the back of the carport that I didn’t want to sell

The time she said she was coming came and went and they never showed up. I wasn’t surprised because I did’t figure they were going to go up there anyway. They talk about it all the time and never do even after making plans. So I had to take my friend that was helping me home to do some things. I took her home, picked up the kids, took them to therapy, went to pick my friend back up to come back over, pick up the little kids and go to the store to go shopping for some stuff.

I got a text after I left therapy saying they were on their way. I told her I be home in an hour or so I was out. Then I got broke down so I text her told her I was going to be a little later. She asked if they could just get the stuff from outside forget the stuff from inside. I told her I had stuff all over they needed to wait. I was standing in line at the store and got a text saying they had gotten what they wanted from outside not to worry about what was inside and to keep it. I was pissed, I was beyond pissed I told her I needed to go shopping this weekend that I needed room in my freezer I couldn’t just keep a bunch of this stuff. It’s like 20 bags of this and cases of that. I told her I had asked them to wait until I got home. She called said they have to go get a another cooler and stuff. I told her if she waited I was on my way here I see if I had enough room or not. Next thing I know I’m leaving the store and some one called my name. I looked up they were standing in line with a cooler. I just said oh hi I didn’t even see you. I really didn’t I wasn’t really looking at anyone just kind of past and through trying to get out of the store and home. I was tired and hurting. I kept going so I could be home when they got back here.

They came over I was laying on the couch on the carport I went in through the kitchen and went out I grabbed some stuff and gave them but not all that much really. I wasn’t thinking about my other friend could use some of it. Every thing I was pulling out or asking about her husband say not they can keep it or get rid of it. I finally just said fuck it and that was fine and they left.

Hours later she calls and wants to know if I was mad or why I was so mad? I said you know I asked you to wait until I got here and you just come over and go do whatever when you felt like it. You told me you were coming at one time and never showed up I had some one here. I tell you that I will be here and you can’t wait. She started I don’t understand I have been over there and all through your house or something and everything was fine. I don’t understand what is so different now. I said because I have everything out here everything going on I ask you to wait. She was like yeah I guess your right blah blah. I don’t even no because by that point I was getting pissed off again. I was so pissed when they were here. Then she is going to call me back hours later like she is trying to start something. That is how I felt she was trying to start something. She said whatever she said and said it wouldn’t happen again and hung up. Didn’t give me a chance to say anything.

When I got done today I not only had all that stuff I wasn’t selling pushed back there I then stuck everything else in front of it when I left so it would be under the carport and not in the driveway. I didn’t want them over here moving everything around. I didn’t want something to get broken because they couldn’t move it or didn’t care and just moved it however.

One of my biggest pet peeves is someone messing with and moving my stuff around when I didn’t ask them to or tell them they could. I also feel it was very disrespectful of them to do it after I told them twice they needed to wait. I could hear her saying something to him before she hung up sounded like she was mad like she thought I was out of line for being mad. I really don’t care it is my house.



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