{November 18, 2016}   The Past isn’t Always The Past

I seen the therapist last week but since this coming week is Thanksgiving she couldn’t get me in. I am set to go back the week after Thanksgiving. So far I think I have been two or three times it was two weeks in between this week and the last time as well. I am not worried about the time between it’s fine.

My thing is that I feel like all we talk about is what has went on the last week or two since I seen her last and how I am feeling. I feel like we need to talk the past and what happen. I don’t know why I just feel like there is something there, I don’t know how to explain it. We went over the basics of what has went on the last 4 years or so but just the getting a divorce, fighting for it, RC leaving, going to school things like that.

I don’t know if it is what all went on as much as how fast it all happened. As far as how fast mine and Father of the years relationship started and then how fast mine and RC’s was. If I meet someone else is it going to be the same? I seem to go from one extreme to the other and not much in between. I really don’t want to meet someone and end up like before. I also don’t want to end up putting all my plans and wants on the back burner. I do that is why I am just now in school, I’m living where I am. If I hadn’t put my plans on the back burner then I would have moved a way from here long ago.

But I don’t know I feel like that isn’t really what she is in to. It really isn’t she is more into fixing what is wrong now. I’m not with anyone now so all that isn’t a problem right now. I don’t know maybe I am talking to the wrong person but who would I talk to I have no clue. I guess I will keep going back and see how things go.

Keep us posted on how this goes…I’ve thought about talking to someone before but I don’t feel they help…but I hear they help many people just listening

So far it has been okay. I hope that we get into more of the things that have happen in the past a little bit. I just feel there are some things there that need to figure out. It helps to just have someone to bounce things off of or talk things through with. I think it also makes a difference who you end up with. I went a few times when I was younger and first started having problems. I didn’t like him and did not talk to him at all. I like this one and one that I talked with in the past a couple times. The one in the past I only seen a few times. I think I would have been more help had I went more. I am going to go to this one for a while and see how it goes. But I will keep everyone posted.

That’s great! Remember one day and one step at a time…maybe tell this one you want to talk about your past

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