As I said in my other post I am trying the yard sale and so far it has been a failure. We have had it the last two days and all we have had is two people ask about the couch and love seat and one about the toddler bed. None of them have come back. The first about the couch said they really liked it and it was worth the price the other said she really needed a couch she was going to bring her husband back when he was off. But I wasn’t home. I figured she would bring him back today but they haven’t been back. The guy came and asked about the bed and said he was going to tell someone they needed a bed for their kid but he wasn’t sure if it would work. I told him I had the toddler one and the twin. No one ever came back and asked about them either. I am hoping one of the ladies for the couch comes back tomorrow since it will be the weekend.

I really need to sell this stuff to help pay rent bills this month. We went to the Salvation Army today to see if they were still hiring for bell ringers. They didn’t even let us fill out an application they said they had them all. I am thinking I am going to have to keep my old couch and love seat and take back the new one I got. I hate to because I never used my living room when I had the old one. I stayed in my room all the time when I had it. It wasn’t comfortable.

It has been an interesting few days with my friend staying here and helping me out. We moved this stuff we dropped it on each other and everything else. All we could do was laugh. It was nice having someone over and someone here besides the kids. She seemed to do a lot better as well. She seemed a lot less stressed and depressed. She even said this morning she felt better than she had in a while and was talking about how she had eaten and things.

I need to get my school stuff done and get to bed so that I can man this sale one more day. Pray that this stuff sales and for a decent amount I have already lowered the prices to try and get it to sell. I can’t lower them any more or I will be giving the stuff away and not make any money to do anything with.


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