I got up about 630/7 this morning to put out my yard sale stuff again and it looked like it was about to pour. I checked the weather on my phone and it said that there was 100% chance of rain later in the day. With all the dark clouds over the house I decided not to risk it, I didn’t want anything to get wet and messed up because it is just me and the kids moving stuff in and out it takes longer. I went back to sleep for a little bit and got up about 830 and it was bright and sunny. I decided to go ahead and pull stuff out and try it.

The lady who stopped the other day came back with her husband to show him the couch and love seat. I didn’t get a good feeling from them. I have a back room that has a door to the outside. I can close it off to the house and go in from outside. I have everything stored in there. There was a few things like the couch me and my friend were not able to get out. We figured we would just take anyone interested around to look at it since we didn’t have to bring them into my house. I took them around to show them and told them there was nothing wrong with it I just couldn’t move it out with it being so big and with the help I had. She asked about my husband and why he couldn’t do it? Just like that what’s your husband doing that he can’t do it or he won’t help? I told her there was no husband. I said it before I even thought. But I found it really odd the way she asked and things. Kind of like she was looking for information or something. Something else was said about the couch and things. I told her there was nothing wrong with it I just bought one I liked better. I told her it was cleaned when it was put back there and that the dogs were not allowed on it at all. I told her that I didn’t want to take people through my house because of the dogs, I didn’t want them to get after anyone or away.

I had a lady stop and ask about the dressers but I haven’t heard back from her. I posted it all about 14 groups on facebook and placed about 6 adds on craigslist to try and sell it all. I had a few people reply today about stuff but have had a lot more asking about it this evening. I have one lady who asked if I could hold the couch set until in the morning since it was already after dark. I told her yes and what I was asking for it, if she could pick it up around 8/830 in the morning and haven’t heard back from her. I ask a few times if she still wanted it at that price since she hadn’t ask the price and it wasn’t listed and haven’t heard back. I had others asking about it and one person say they wanted it but not until Friday. I told her I had this lady wanting it tomorrow but could’t get a response back and others asking about it that I couldn’t hold it if one of them wanted it sooner. I feel bad to not hold it but so many people ask you to hold stuff and then never show or respond like tonight and you miss other buyers. I have been trying to sell it for a week or so now because I had listed it a few days before I decided to have the sale. If people want it and are willing to come with the money tomorrow or the next day I have to take it. She said ok and to just let her know if I still have it Friday. I was thinking it is black Friday as well and most people are going to be shopping so then if she shops then decides she don’t have enough or don’t want it. I need this money for bills. As it stands right now I need $520 by the 28th of the month to pay all my bills and be ok for a few weeks. If I sell everything and take my rock bottom price for it all I will have just at that. It is all worth more but the time of the year and thing I can’t get people to come off the money. Everyone thinks it is a great price and worth it but don’t want to spend that much or don’t have that much.

I am debating putting it all out for one more day tomorrow and see if anyone stops. I want to go to church in the morning then put it out in the after noon when others are getting out of church. At the same time I am tired of messing with it but I need the money and got to get it out of the way. Something has to give and soon.

My Little Guy sold more candy bars so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. He say his little table out there and his sign. Then he would stand at the end of the drive way and wave at cars as they went by. About three of them stopped to see what he wanted and bought candy bars from him. He went across and ask our friend across the street to buy some and he bought two. The lady and her husband who was odd and came to look at the couch bought 6 from him. I think we have over half a box sold now. Setting up tomorrow may be worth it to hopefully sell the rest. I think he sold about 16 today. He wanted to flag the ice cream man down and trade him candy bars for ice cream. I told him that wouldn’t work because the ice cream cost more than the candy bars and I would still have to pay for it. Then he wanted to flag him down and ask him if he would help him sell his candy bars by selling them with his ice cream. I tried to explain to him it didn’t work that way. He kept asking to go across the side street from us and ask them. I told him they weren’t home so he wanted to leave some on their porch. I told him he couldn’t do that he had to sell them and not give them away. He said he thought he just had to get rid of them.

I just hope that someone from my online adds comes through on some of this stuff. I need this gone, more than that I need the money from it. I am trying not to stress, worry, or get depressed but it is getting hard not to.

I don’t remember if I told you all me and my friend went to try and get jobs as bell ringers Friday but they said they were full and didn’t need anyone else. That was going to be my Christmas money if all this stuff sold. If it didn’t it was going to be my bill money. It would have been about $1000 of the $2000 I needed. If I sold everything and that would have given me $1500 of what I needed.

I have some clothes I forgot to put out I am going to list online tomorrow as well and sit out if I end up setting back up. I have some really nice kids jackets that they have wore a few times and outgrew. I hope to make back what I had to spend on my Big Boys jacket tonight at least on them.

I was going to write about something else to do with the sale as well but now I have forgotten what it was. I guess I better get off here, it is past time to take my medication and I forgot to take it last night. Plus my Little Bitty is asking for a story so she can go to sleep. When I get done doing all that I have to work on my school work that is due tomorrow.


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