The little kids have no school at all this week and the big kids only went Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday they had their family meal. I went in that morning when the kids went to school to help get everything ready. I had the two little’s with me my Little Guy wants to go to school with the big kids so bad he can’t stand it. They let him stay with the class why I went to set everything up. He colored and then read books, he was thrilled he got to be one of the “big” kids. My Little Bitty went to the hall with me and help me set up and she was happy she could say she helped with everything.

I got up at 6 am to cook the things we were supposed to make then got there by 9 with everything and everyone ready for the day. I took Little Bitty a blanket and had her bring her purse full of toys so she had something to do but she spent most the time helping me. They had a raffle for a handful of different things to be given away. I figured I would buy all 5 of us one they could all put their ticket in. I got 6 tickets because they had a deal where if you buy five you get six. Each item had a bag for tickets for just that item. They had a jar make to look like and elf and one a penguin filled with candy. Of course my Little Guy wanted to put his in for the elf and Little Bitty wanted to put hers in for the penguin. I put one in for a wreath that had been made by the teachers daughters. My Big Boy really wanted the bird house and my oldest did as well. I really liked it as well so I stuck one of my tickets in for it as well. Figured that gave us 3 chances to get it. Well the little kids both won the candy jars they wanted and the other three of us won nothing. But it’s ok we had fun and had a nice meal with friends.

We got home around 2 everyone got to go home when it was over so they got out about an hour and half early. Me and my Little Bitty came home and laid down about 3 and slept until well into dinner time. We got up ran to the store had dinner and went back to bed. I was going to get up and go to the hospital this morning to be with a friend who was having surgery, that didn’t happen. Little Bitty wasn’t feeling good yesterday today she had fever and I had sore throat and my stomach was upset. Our other friend who was going to go with me was sick too. I figured it was probably not a good idea to go up there sick with her going to have surgery. She didn’t need to catch whatever we been passing back and forth while trying to recover.

It sucks because not only did we have the big kids lunch yesterday but my Little Guy and Little Bitty had their lunch last week and Father of the Year was not working either day and didn’t bother to come. When the kids were telling him about it and when I tried to he ignored us and talked over us about other stuff. I am sure that when it comes up tomorrow he will say if he had known he would have come. Then want to know why I didn’t tell him. I going to be more than mad if he does. I am going to tell him in front of everyone why he didn’t know.

We went to chickens, therapy and the store tonight and came home to have diner. We are now watching 2020, I am trying to stay awake to see the news. I don’t know if I am going to make it. I was supposed to take my pill a half hour ago but holding out because it will make me sleepy. Three of the kids are sleeping already two passed out on the couches. One waiting on me and my Big Boy to go to bed.


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