I have been around some and reading just not posting a lot. Since I been on this medication I have been sleeping more. More normal than before I should say, I have to take it at night because it makes me fall a sleep as soon as I take it just about. I am on more of a normal schedule now. I try to take it around 1030 every night and by 11 I am a sleep. Sometimes I sleep all night some nights I will get up once to go to the bathroom or fix the heat/air and go right back to sleep. I am up by 6/7 in the morning. The time I am awake I am busy running and doing stuff with the kids. The time I normally write is after the time I take my pill. But if I take my pill past 11 I still feel it in the morning and want to sleep later and I have to be up to take the kids to school. The last few days with the kids home and not feeling good I have been sleeping a little more in the day time as well.

I am trying to figure out how to get everything I need to do in a day done on my new schedule. I am use to having about 4 or 5 more hours a night to do the things I need to get done like my school work and writing on here. I have to start getting the kids back to bed by 9 as well. That will leave me a hour and half of free time after they go to bed. Still not the 4 or 5 I am use to. I am sure once things calm down a bit I will find time to write more.

In the mean time I am still here things are ok and I am reading just not writing as much right now. I should have some free time tomorrow I hope maybe I will get to write then. I plan to stay up with my oldest to watch Gilmore Girls. She is hoping they will put it on at 12am Friday instead of waiting until later Friday to put it on. Then we can watch it without the other kids being loud and interrupting. I told her we will put the kids to bed about 8 or 9 lay down until they go to sleep. I am going to have to figure out when to take my pill so I don’t fall a sleep on her. Maybe I can take it in the evening around 7 lay down and sleep for a few hours then get up and be ok. I will still be sleepy Friday from not sleeping much but that’s ok because I will not be going shopping Friday for anything. I think we may start putting up our Christmas stuff up outside if I can find a ladder. I also want to put up our manger scene. My Big Boy don’t want to put them up yet I am going to try and change his mind. Right now I am off to bed I am supposed to have everyone up and ready and out to lunch for tomorrow by 11. I see a nap in my day tomorrow for sure.



3 thoughts on “Been Reading

  1. It is a challenge to get everything done! I don’t think we can so all we can do is prioritize and do our best… I was on medication for anxiety this year and I stopped taking it…They helped me but I don’t want to be addicted to them…I’m trying not to stress out so much over little things so I can accomplish much more

    1. It seems that by the time I get done with the kids there isn’t time to do anything else. They are on the top of the list. That is a big reason I never went and got anything and didn’t take it when they gave it to me when I was pregnant. I do not want to get addicted to anything and I didn’t want it to affect the baby. But I have just gotten to a point that it is affacting life all the way around and I had to do something because I wasn’t functioning . I was sleeping all day and night and nothing was getting done. I hope to not be on it for very long. I think mine is more depression than anxiety right now.

      1. I am laying her on Thanksgiving thinking I should be up doing something but I’m so tired so I know exactly what you mean…I hope you feel better and this helps you

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