{November 24, 2016}   Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

thanksgiving2012I just wanted to pop in and say that I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and that you all get to enjoy it with family and/or friends. We will be going out to eat this year with my mom, sister and her family and Father of The Year. Not my idea but theirs. Father of The Year has no money but he is paying for him and all the kids. I figure he isn’t giving me money then let him if he don’t he is just going to blow it. Kids may as well get something out of it if he isn’t going to help like he is supposed to. I am not worried about it I have faith it will work out and me and the kids will be fine. I have been able to work it out in the past and I am sure I will now. I still just have this peace that this is where we are supposed to be for a while and that it will work out. I get stressed or depressed here and there but then I just keep pushing on. Because I know……


I am thankful for my kids, I love them so much and wold be lost without them. Even the one sitting beside me complaining and about to lose it because they will not stop talking in the middle of the parade and just show the parade instead. Because he is missing some of the floats and balloons. He says they are skipping the floats and only showing the balloons. And the one who is laying on the couch with his hand down his pants. Excuse me for a minute, I had to make him stop and go wash his hands. Got to love six year old little boys. (Just keeping it real, this is what is going on around me while I type this.)

I am also thankful for my friends. If it wasn’t for my one friend I wouldn’t have all this stuff out here so that it can be seen and sold. I wouldn’t have a babysitter that will watch the kids if I can find a job and not charge me a ton of money. I buy her a pack of smokes a day she is happy. Plus I help her out with things as well.

I am thankful for my family that I have left even though we aren’t as close as we once were. They are still my family and we still have our good times even if they are few and farther between.

thankgul-for-youAll of you who have followed my blog or who just read and the ones who comment and like different post. It helps to be able to come here and get things out and have in put from others on things. My blog isn’t as active or where I would like it to be for as long as I have had it, but it is okay. I am happy with it considering the time I have had to put into it and the breaks I have had to take at times. I love my group of followers and their support. Some of you have stuck around from the be-gaining and new people are coming every week and I am thrilled to have all of you.

I will let you all go and enjoy your day and leave you with this one last little picture because you can’t have Thanksgiving without the Peanuts.  thanksgiving

Edited to add I found all the little pictures in random places online none of them are mine I do not make them or own them.

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