{November 26, 2016}   Bonfire Kind of Night

I am going to see my friend I haven’t seen him in a long time. We text a lot but since I have no sitter and can’t get away or the kids don’t go to their dads we haven’t seen each other in a while. We aren’t together we have talked about it but that is about it. But since we have been more than friends I don’t bring him around. I keep all that away from the kids. As I said before I don’t want them to meet anyone until later, once I have been with someone for a while.

I am not sure how I feel about tonight, I want to get out of the house and I enjoy his company and just hanging out and talking or watching movies. It’s not to cool but not to hot to have a bonfire so that will be nice. It will maybe give us a chance to really talk about things once and for all. Most the time it comes up when I am leaving or why we are texting. I think I will bring it up tonight.

But it will be nice we are going to have a fire and some drinks. He ask me to come over last night but father of the year never showed or turned his phone on. My friend said if I couldn’t get him today she would come and watch them. I told him that my one friend had surgery and the other was busy last night but she would come today. He said that would be good. I am going to get the kids feed and settled down some and then go.

I forgot I was supposed to go with my sister and take the kids to the parade but mine are sick and not listening so they are not going anyway. She don’t want hers to catch what they have. I hope they behave and listen for the sitter while she is here and I don’t have to come home. They just have colds so not like supper sick. But they have been at each other for a while with every one being home from school for almost a week they are antsy.

[…] I said in a Bonfire Kind of Night he had a kid free weekend and wanted me to come up for some drinks and to hang out by the fire. […]

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