{November 29, 2016}   Not Down Sizing to Live with Someone

My mom called me today when I was on my way to get the older kids from school. Out of an hour conversation most of it was spent pushing me to move in with her and Father of the Year. I spent most of that hour telling her I was driving to get kids and go home and that I needed to do something and then go get the other kids I had to go. She wouldn’t shut up and kept going on and on about the same thing over and over again. If I was living there how little it would cost each month and how much money I could save and if I took out loans each term I could save it and how much I would have to move somewhere and buy me and the kids a place to live. How I am wasting so much money here and getting no where. I don’t know ho w she thinks I am getting no where I am not trying to go anywhere yet. How she don’t know where we would go other than there that all of us could stay and and we couldn’t all stay here.

I don’t know how she thinks we all couldn’t stay here but could at her place. She only has two bedrooms at her place. I have 4 if you want to get technical if that is two people in each room then she really shouldn’t have 4 at her place and I can have twice that at my house because I do have that room that can be used for a 4th bedroom that we use for our library or office. My landlord has never ever been at my house but once someone from the office drove by took a picture and left for the owner when the new people behind me called code enforcement. They just had to have proof the truck was gone. They have never been inside my house but to do repairs. That is the guy that does them they do not know who lives there who don’t or how many people live in a place they don’t care.

We move over there we can’t keep our animals, we can’t have our stuff, I can’t ever walk out of the house with out 20 questions about where I am going who I am going with why, can’t have anyone over or anything. If I try to go somewhere it is why are you going there why are you seeing them what are you doing then comes up with some way to keep me from going. She dictates every move anyone makes everything they do or don’t do and how they do it. There is always fights because she wants it done now and this way and then you better do all this extra stuff too.

She knows that if she comes to my house I am not getting rid of my dogs (she is scared of them) all because she seen them do this or that when she was a kid, but my dogs have never bitten anyone, they have never even acted like they were going to bother anyone that I have had in my house. They have been very protective of my kids but still never get after anyone unless they truly did something wrong to one of them. She just don’t like the kind that we have them. She never misses a chance to tell me how I need to get rid of them. She knows that every time someone moves, cooks, breathes or touches something the house isn’t going to be bleached down. She knows that I will go where ever I want whenever I want and tell her to bad when she tries to start and that I will have whoever I want to over. She knows that she can’t say anything about nothing because of the way she is. Like I said before she is OCD germaphobe . Besides that my house isn’t good enough for her, it is “old” it needs a bunch of work. It could stand to be remodeled and updated, but it is not like it is not live able. It is a decent house and in an decent area for the most part. She is scared of the area and don’t want to be home alone here. She done told me she wouldn’t stay here by herself here. I don’t know where she thinks she will go because she isn’t going to go with me every time I walk out the door, she can’t drive herself and Father of the Year is not coming here. It is not my problem he has no job he is no help to me here if he has no job and even if he has a job he has to pay me here or not. I am not letting him move back in with me or moving in with them.

She just kept saying same stuff over and over and what was I going to do and how much I could save. Pushing me to tell her I would move in there. I just got tired of it I hold the phone away from my ear put it back so often say yeah, okay, hum and let her talk. I then I just stop saying anything at all she are you there say something. I said I did I said I have to go do this and this and then go get the kids from school in a few minutes, I said I have to go. She finally said well I guess I will talk to you later bye. I said bye and hung up.

It just gets me that again here she is the one that needs someone to pay everything for her but move into her house get rid of or store all my stuff and move into a house 2x smaller than mine with them and pay the bills so that she don’t lose her place and have to be put out. No not happening I could never live with her again. If it came down to the fact I lost my place I would have to let them have the kids and I would sleep in my truck or something. There is no way what so ever I will move back in with her. She tried to blame it on my grandma why things were so bad before. It was her. My grandma was sick and caused some problems but the main problem was her.

I guess I better stop rambling and go make the kids turn the water off in the tub and make dinner. It just makes me so mad and angry that she is doing this and acts this way. The fact she expects us to get rid of and store everything and move out of our house to a tiny condo with her. When she is the one that is not paying anything or very little when she does. She has spent a bunch of money the last few weeks but complain she can’t make bills and they need rent. It is crazy. It is aggravating me that I could be making money if my truck door wasn’t broken or I had a trailer and i can’t get it fixed or find anyone with a trailer. And her place is $50 more than mine right now. She refused to sign a lease until the lady tried to put them out and then the lady wouldn’t sign one with her. Then up the rent. Now they are just there month to month they can come in raise the rent whenever they want to whatever they want or just tell us to leave if they want. If they find out there are 7 people in two bedrooms or they just decide they don’t want them there for some reason they can tell us to leave. As long as I pay my rent and not late when my lease comes back up they will sign me a new one. Last year the lady told me the owner said he didn’t care if I was working or not to sign a new lease with me if I wanted it. Because it was my 3rd lease and I have only been late a few times and it was because my dad was sick and I was taking care of him and the other times was because we had what day it had to be in the office confused. So it was like a day late once in a while. Then I started asking why I was getting late fees and we figured out we had things crossed.

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