The End of 2016

As everyone is getting ready for tonight and getting ready to go to parties or what not I am doing the mom thing and it’s just another day for the most part. I am herding the kids to get their chores done as my floors are nasty they have spilled I don’t know what or them and tracked it around. The normal everyday crud from the dirt outside and the dogs being walked. We can mop and with in a day sometime minutes they look like they haven’t been mopped. I hate them. I have to wash my rug and get it back in here as well because something got spilled on it too. My grandpa is coming today to try and fix my washer or at least find out what is wrong with it. I still think someone is doing something to it. Because both times it stopped working was when someone was messing around. I am getting a locking knob to put on out there. I just don’t have the money my friends boyfriend has a new one over there he said I could have. Someone bought it for their door but it won’t work. He said give him a ride up to the store to get the right one for his door I could have that one. I keep forgetting to get it when I am there. It’s one of them things you just don’t think about at the moment. Before I was supposed to get the door knob they were taking off when they put the new one on because there is nothing wrong with it it just isn’t the right one for the door. But now since the new one won’t work either he said just take it.

I want to get the Christmas stuff down and put up for the year today, most the time we leave them up a little longer but it got really windy here the other night and blew things everywhere so I think I’m just going to take it down vs setting it all back up just to take it down in a week. Start the new year off with everything put up and clean even if it is just for a few days.

My friend is supposed to come stay the night tonight after my grandpa leaves I have to go pick her up. I have a six pack of screwdrivers I have had since Easter of 2015 that I have not drink yet. That was just weeks after my dad died and it was a horrible day with my mom, I was ready to drink and stopped and got it on the way home. But I didn’t drink it I calmed down, relaxed and skipped it. That is how often I drink it’s been in there all this time. I have part of a bottle of Jack that has been here for years since I was in my house so it is 5 or 6 years old or older because I had it for a while there too. I have drink twice since I bought the 6 pack in my fridge and that was the other week when I went up and seen my friend we sat by the fire outside and drink a few. Then the night me and my other friend went out and she was supposed to be my driver and ended up drinking more than me. But then Father of the Year wants to call here and act like something is wrong with me and I have been drinking or something. Tonight when the kids go to bed yes we will probably sit out front talk and have a few while she smokes and bring in the new year.

Other than that it is going to be a day of cooking and cleaning and referring kids and dogs. I am supposed to be putting a roast in the crock pot but came to look up a recipe and got lost here.

I am also trying to work on a few things in between everything else I am doing today so I don’t know if I will be around anymore today or not. I should be back tomorrow but it will depend if I get things done or not. Everyone have a happy and safe New Years eve and New Years day. See you next year when I get things figured out and done.


42 Questions About Me

42 Questions You’ve Probably Never Been Asked: (Got this from I Am My Own Island & Tabbi)

Here are my anwers
1. First thing you wash in the shower? Hair

2. What color is your favorite hoodie? Gray

3. Do you plan outfits? No

4. How are you feeling right now? Cold and sleepy

5. What’s the closest thing to you that’s red? My shirt and yarn are over there on the trunk together both red

6. Tell me about the last dream you remember having? I was being chased by these people and they had stolen my money

7. Did you meet anybody new today? no

8. What are you craving right now? Nothing

9. What comes to mind when you think of cabbage? farts I don’t like it and it smells bad LOL

10. Have you ever counted to 1,000 before? Yes

11. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? lick it

12. Do you like your hair? It’s ok

13. Do you like yourself? Ofcourse

14. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush? sure

15. What are you listening to right now? kids playing and running around the house

16. Are your parents strict? Dad no mom very over protective

17. Would you go sky diving? I think it would be fun would love to get the nerve up to go

18. Do you like cottage cheese? no

19. Have you ever met a celebrity? not that I can think of

20. Do you rent movies often? nope kids wouldn’t stop losing them or letting me forget to take them back cost me to much

21. Is there anything sparkly in the room you’re in? my oldest angel on the dresser

22. Have you made a prank phone call? yes

23. Ever been on a train? no

24. Brown or white eggs? dont’ matter

25. Do you use chap stick? no not anymore

26. Can you use chop sticks? No

27. Are you too forgiving? No

28. Ever been in love? Yes

29. Last time you cried?  Christmas

30. What was the last question you asked? Who is going outside?

31. Favorite time of the year? Fall

32. Do you have any tattoos? 2 and can’t wait to be working and things in order to get more.

33. Are you sarcastic? all the time

34. Ever walked into a wall? To many times

35. Favorite color? yellow and red

36. Have you ever slapped someone? Yes

37. Is your hair curly? waive

38. Do looks matter? Not much.

39. Do you like your life right now? yes

40. Do you sleep with the TV on? no

41. Can you handle the truth? Rather the truth than a lie

42. Do you have good vision? no

If you’d like to swipe these and answer…go ahead. But let me know so I can check out your answers please.

2016 Over All

I have to say all in all this year has been a pretty good year, nothing horribly bad has happened this year that just looms and shadows over everything else or makes me wish or get excited for it to be over with. Not that I am sad it is over with just neutral really. I sure can’t say it was the worse year ever because 2015 will forever and always be the worse year ever from now until I die probably. I don’t even want to think about what would have to happen for it to not be.

Yes a few things happened that sucked, some brought on by myself while others are just what life through at me. Its not like it isn’t normal shit that many other’s aren’t dealing with. As long as I stay positive and keep pushing through it will all work out and fall in place. I have to keep doing what I need to do and not let it get me down.

I think the biggest and best thing that happen this year was my divorce, I am so happy that it is done and over with. I am happy that I am not having to think about that following me around anymore. I am happy that I have had my house back this year and that I am getting things in order for me and the kids and how we want it and like it not just getting by. We had a little bump along the way but we will keep moving forward. We are use to taking the long way around when it comes to doing things. I got to spend Christmas with just me and my babies. We may have had to have some help but that’s ok just one of them curves life throws at us sometimes. God provided through great friends and some really nice strangers. They were all blessings and I pray they all have a wonderful year.

The main things that I can think of and remember happening this year that weren’t good is Father of the Year not paying and doing his part. Having to get help for Christmas and figure out how to pay bills. Having the accident I had Christmas day. Other than that I can’t think of to much bad that happen to us this year. Despite starting the year off so sick and having to have some things tested farther and checked up on.

Really I can’t wait to see what the new year holds for us. We really have had such a good year over all I pray next year is the same. I have somethings I am going to be working on for sure come the new year. I don’t know that I would call them new years resolutions or they are more like goals. I know kind of the same but resolutions people don’t seem to work as hard to make like they do when you call it a goal. I will put them in a different post later to day or Tomorrow.

Creepy People

About a year ago when my dad was sick and I was dealing with that someone bought the house behind me and moved in. I never bothered to meet them or try to get to know them because as soon as they moved in code enforcement got called on me and a few others around them. The rest of us all have been here with each other for years and never had anything like. I figure it came from them.

Well when we came back after the hurricane I was outside looking around to see if there was any damage and what needed to be picked up and I walked down by the street and the fence line because it was dark I didn’t want to walk around in my yard because I know there is a big snake that is back there sometimes. I don’t do snakes no way shape form or for any reason. I walked down the street up to the edge of the fence and shined a light back there it was dark. Well the guy behind me came out and started talking to me.

He told me how he owned the house he was in one over a few blocks away and a few others. Just chatting really. Ask about the kids and things. He said he thought I only had the two, I don’t know how they are all out there all the time the times I have seen him go by but whatever. He said something about ex not living here anymore. I didn’t think anything of it because he had the tow truck that sat here every day and now it is gone and his truck is never here either. Few people who know us have asked me. No big deal. A few that I know well and trust I had told he was not here and if they seen anything going on around my house to call me or the police because it it is just me and the kids here.

Friday I got all my last minute stuff I needed to do from the stores done because I didn’t want to be out Christmas eve fighting the mobs of people and we were set to go to church I knew we would need to be getting ready for that it was early. Well I forgot I had found these picture frames that I had in some trunks here, they were brand new I never used them after I bought them. I was going to get some pictures made give them to my mom, grandma, sister, friend and let the kids give one to their dad. If I had money to get the pictures for them. I was so busy with other stuff I forgot about them until last minute. I had money from babysitting them few days and took part of that to use for them. I tried to get them and there was a mob of people around them all and only three were working. I left and went back later. When I went back I seen this guy behind me there with his son at one of the machines. His son was sitting on the stool and he was standing behind him looking over his shoulder like. They were going through their pictures blowing them up picking different ones and things. I walked right up to the machine a couple over from them. The son was talking to the dad they were doing this together and talking.

All of a sudden the dad looks up and see’s me and just kind of gives me this weird look and grins at me. He backs up away from his son facing me, he never turns around away from me or anything and backs up like two machines and over in front of the counter where you go to pick your pictures up and pay for them. He leans against the counter facing me watching me. Meanwhile the son is still talking to him turns to see why he isn’t answering him or helping him like they were and he is just ignoring him watching me and the kids. The son looked confused I don’t know if he even knows he was watching me and the kids or not because he was turned looking at him trying to figure out what he was doing and why he wasn’t over there. I said come on kids I don’t see what I was looking for and left. I went back over there later once I seen they were gone and did what I had to do. But it was just really weird the way he did. I felt so unconformable and I am not one to get bothered that easy but I really felt like he was going to do something right there in the middle of the store. I couldn’t figure out why he was or what or what to do if he did. I just felt like he needed to get the kids out of there. And he lives right behind me.

I don’t know anything about him other than he is Columbine, he owns a few houses around, him and his son who is about to finish high school and I guessing his wife live there. Some or all of them smoke some really strong weed because I can smell it and see the smoke rolling with in seconds of them lighting up a yard or more away.

I am wondering if he isn’t my landlord I don’t know why I keep thinking that. I know mine is supposed to be out of state but he could have moved and I know that he has more than just my house around this area. I am wondering if he seen this one behind me go up for sale and decided to buy it and move in it. He always has this I know something you don’t about him the few times I have talk to him or seen him in the yard. Even the other day when he was watching me at the store it was almost like he was laughing or trying not to laugh and just smiling. It’s not like we are close in age he might be interested or thinks I might be interested in him or would be. He is probably late 50’s or 60’s I am guessing. This is his youngest still at home and he has grown kids as well. As far as I know his wife over there but I never see her hardly ever. The few times I have she looks older too and she has her head all covered like they do in other countries. But you can see her face, it’s odd. I seen her walking around her house one morning and then outside talking to the boy before he left for school one day. I have thought about offering to give the son a ride to school a few times when I was talking the kids and seen him walking. It isn’t horrible far but it is a good little walk to it. I was already out. I figured it be nice to offer but I never did. I don’t know why I didn’t I just didn’t something just said not to. Kind of Glad I didn’t now.

I asked the girl across from me over there the other day when I went out and was talking to her about the money she had stolen the night after Christmas when they were around my house. I ask her if she every seen the guy behind me or talked to him what she thought of him. She said oh him he gives me the creeps I only every really seen him out there once and I think he was taking picture or trying to take pictures of my girls. I was like what the fuck really? She said yeah about a year ago but I haven’t seen him out much or hanging out much since then. He just seems very odd to me. I told her what he did to me at the store the other day she thought it was strange too. So now I have to watch out for him and wonder if he isn’t who is messing around my house and who maybe got her money that night as well. Who ever it is seems to be getting pretty conferrable with my house and coming around even when everyone is up still not just when we have the lights out they think we are in bed. If it was him he just say he was trying to catch his dog or car or something stupid why he was in my yard or walking over to ask me something. He lives right there he wouldn’t be doing anything odd he probably figures they would think if I called the police. I got news for him I catch him in my carport, laundry room or messing around my window I will shoot and ask questions later and he will be lucky if he is a live to answer them. I am not going to play around and have my kids scared. I will wait up for them, I will go sit in the laundry room with the light off wait for them. They do not know me and who they are messing with. I wish I could have gotten the camera’s, every time I thought I was going to go get them something happen I wasn’t able to. Maybe soon if I can start making money doing this ebay thing or find a job. It’s late kids went to bed a few hours ago I better go to sleep because they probably won’t sleep in that late tomorrow or let me sleep like they did today. Wish they would it be nice.

Oh Glorious Sleep

Last night when I finished writing my post I felt really sleepy all of a sudden, I decided to go ahead and take my pill even though it was later than I normally take it. I knew we wouldn’t get up before 8 or 9 anyway so I would be okay. Boy was I surprised when I woke up and it was 12 already. I sleep for just about 12 hours straight. All I remember is putting the computer under the bed and taking my pill. I kind of remember getting up in the night going to the bathroom and then the dog waking me up this morning wanting to go out. I had the kids get up and take her out and went right back to sleep.

I woke up and Little Bitty was gone, I don’t know when she got up because I didn’t know she had left. Most the time I will feel her move or hear her go out the door but I didn’t today. I guess Big Boy got up before my Big Guy or they got up at the same time because most the time my Big Guy will come in and wake me up a 100 times telling me he is hungry and wants to eat. Yes I feed him that 100 time is in like 5 minutes why I am trying to get woke up and get up. He likes to eat and when he is ready he is ready. My Big Boy came in and said he had given the little kids a bowl of cereal and they were playing air hockey.

I have to say boy did I need that sleep, I have been going to bed so late lately and not sleeping well most nights. That 12 hours or so felt good. I feel like I could lay back down and go back to sleep right now and sleep a while but I think that is just because I am board and can’t get comfortable really anywhere else but my room. We still only have the love seat in the house the couch is still in the back stored because I can’t get anyone to get it in the house for me. The love seat is so small if two people sit on it you feel like you are sitting on each other. The kids are out there playing and things there is no where to sit really. It isn’t them it’s just the way thing are right now and not having the couch in. I don’t know if I would sit out there anymore if the couch was in because it isn’t comfortable.

I wanted to go get my other set back or a different set so I don’t lose all the money I have paid into that set but I don’t know if I will have it to do or not now that I have had to borrow money and need to fix my truck again. It just sucks all around right now. But it could be worse a lot worse and it isn’t so I am not going to let it get me down or depressed. So far I have been good I just hope i can stay that way until I can start getting things back in order. I don’t feel so much like everything is happening to me it just feels like this is life shit happens we have to deal with it. Before it seemed like anything and everything that could go wrong was going wrong and it wasn’t anyone else dealing with such shit it was just me. I don’t feel like that I don’t want to feel like that.



I am feeling pretty darn accomplished today. I got everything on my list to do done and fairly quickly as well. We didn’t get up until 9 this morning since we went to bed so late. I had to wake everyone else up because they were still sleeping.

I got them ready, chased the dogs down, got them lunch and dropped them off at school by 10. From there I ran to pay the water bill that I forgot all about having a notice it needed to be paid by yesterday. Thank God I beat them to it and got it paid before they turned it off. I couldn’t decide if I should go from there to get my tag or the tire shop. They were in opposite directions of each other. I decided to call and see if they had the tire I needed and see how busy they were first. He said they only had my tire new nothing used. Didn’t surprise me I always have to get new everything for my truck you can’t find things used for it. He said they weren’t busy so I told him I would be there in a few minutes to get it put on. They had us in and out in no time, from there we went to the tag office because I had to get a tag mine technically was dead. When we got there the place was packed but we got number 180 and they were on 174. We were out in 20 minutes or less. We got everything done by 1145 am. All I had left to do was go to the police station and get the paper work for the insurance guy and take the kids to therapy. I could not go to the police station until 3 so I took the older kids to the flea market to look around.

We got to the flea market and there wasn’t a lot of people there selling or shopping. Everyone who was there was closing up. We walked around and looked at what was there. While we were this guy came up and asked if the kids liked to fish? I told him yes and he handed them three fishing poles. They need line but other than that if the reals work they are ok poles. Then on the way out he stopped my son and handed him a box and told him to enjoy and have fun. It was a remote control car. An older one but once he gets batteries for it I am sure he will have fun with it.

We stopped on the way home and bought a $5 pizza because I am out of lunch stuff and it’s cheaper than buying stuff at the store to heat up fast and we have no microwave to heat anything either. We hadn’t eaten today yet so we were all hungry. I wanted to get those things done I was going to stop and get something after the tire and forgot, ended up at the tax office. We got out of there so fast I was shocked I figured we be out at almost time to be at he police department we just grab pizza on the way. Then I thought of the flea market and figured we walk through there quick before we went home since we got out much faster than expect.

I was just shocked how much we got done in just two hours and forty five minutes. With drive time and waiting everywhere. I am starting to feel tired now and plan to go ahead and take my pill tonight. I have to stop missing it or it isn’t going to work. Once I do it will knock me the rest of the way out. But that is ok because I don’t have to be anywhere until tomorrow after noon. I really want the little kids to go to daycare but I don’t feel like getting up and taking them and it isn’t even morning yet. Is that bad or what. I used it today and I will probably use it Friday if not tomorrow. Guess I better go for now before I fall a sleep and drop the computer off the bed.

The World Of Ebay

I have tossed around the idea of selling on ebay for a while but don’t know a lot about it. I use to buy on there years ago in my teens and bought the parts to fix my truck off there last year when I had my accident. But have only ever sold on there once about 15 years ago or so.

I am part of a moms group that sells on there and they show the things they have sold, how much they made off of it, what they found to sell and expect to make off of it. I just don’t know a lot of about clothes or anything really when it comes to buying and selling things. I price things at what I would pay for them and I am cheap and know others pay a lot more for the same things. Right now I do not have money to buy stuff but I do have somethings laying around here that I could put on there and try to sell. I know that one of them is going for $25 plus shipping. I am thinking if I sell this stuff then use a little of that money to buy a few more things. I just have to have gas money to go places and look for stuff plus buy stuff. We don’t have to many stores around us right now I have to go a little farther away to get to stores to buy from. I can also look on other places on line and buy things too.

Also the therapist is always giving me clothes and things so I am going to look through them and see if there are any worth putting on there and try selling. She finds a lot of nice big name brand clothes and things. I think I could probably sell some of them.

I have to research it all and try to figure out the fee’s when I pay the fees and things like that. I am mostly worried about having the money for the fee’s if I don’t sell the stuff.

My mom use to sell on there but she got away from it but she is no help she makes excuses about things all the time. She don’t want to sell on there now because stuff isn’t selling and they can take the money out of your account if someone complains and people can just say something is broken if it isn’t. On and on, I am sure if I do it and she finds out she will have something to say about it. I am not worried about it just not going to her to ask anything because you won’t ever get a straight answer from her.

I just need a way to make some money and it coming in kind of steady. I know it will be spotty at first but I think if I can get enough stuff built up and listed then I should have stuff selling pretty much all the time. I am going to try and research it tonight and see what all I can find out. See if I have any money I can pay fee’s with so that I can try listing a few things on there. Maybe start listing some stuff tomorrow or this weekend. I think I have about 15 to 20 things to get started with and that seems like a good little stash to start out with and pretty good when I have it all on hand not putting any money out right now.

If I got a part time job I could probably still list things and keep selling as well or I may find that I do good enough that I don’t need to go to work I can just list things and do my schooling.

I also need to look into if I have to pay taxes and have a license to sell on there. I am sure I will at some point but for now I think I am going to try it until I get my money in February, then if I am really making money off of it and it seems like something I am going to keep doing then get it.

I can’t believe some of the crap people buy and what they are paying for it. Some of the ugliest shirts and sweaters I have ever seen for hundreds of dollars. A lady sold this little ornament for close to $600. Even she said she would have sold it for a lot less she had no idea it was worth so much. I probably would have stuck it in a box and sent it to the thrift store. I would have figured it wasn’t worth anything. Today I seen this man figure in a box at the flea market and something kept saying get it sell it on ebay and I left it there. I wish I had at least bought it and tried. It was only 25 cent. Now I am kicking myself for not doing it. I don’t know it may not have sold or sold for a little bit or not at all. But I wasn’t even there looking for stuff because I had no money to buy anything and hadn’t even been thinking about ebay when we were looking but it first thought I had when I seen it.

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