I haven’t been around much because there has been a lot going on. I have been trying to make money to pay the bills and looking for jobs. I haven’t done either one. For some reason I thought Friday was the first and realized today it was today. I still have my video’s to make I been so busy trying to figure out where the $200 for rent and the $100 for other bills was going to come from. Every idea I have tried to do or thought of has not worked or didn’t come through.

I went Wednesday to the furniture store and talk to the lady to see if she would just buy everything in a big lot and give me about $300 for it all. She said she was going to come by on Thursday and look at it see it in person. I took pictures. Thursday morning I got a text saying her and her partner decided to pass on it. I really thought the way she talked she was interested.

Me and my friend spent some time Wednesday driving around looking to see if we could find anything to scrap. Most the time I see tons of washers, dries, fridge and other things out at curbs. It is nothing to see three or four in close area. We drove three or 4 different area’s and didn’t find not one thing to scrap. I figured in two or three days we could find enough to come up with the money I needed.

I wanted to go Monday and Tuesday but then remembered that my door on the back wouldn’t open on the truck. Wednesday morning I went and picked my friend up took her to a meeting then we went back to her house. I had her boyfriend look at the door he said the only way he could get it for me to be able to open it was to break the handle off because when you take the panel off the door it is over metal. There is a little spot but not easy to get into and not a very easy to get to. He was going to unscrew the handle to see what he could find but it didn’t have screws just plastic clips. I told him to just do it I needed to have that door open so that I can get things in and out and that they would probably have to break it in order to fix it. He just wasn’t sure we would be able to open it after he broke it or not because we didn’t know what was behind it, he didn’t want me to be mad at him for breaking it and then maybe not be able to get in still. I told him I wasn’t going to tell him to do it then get mad because no one would know without taking it off. When he got it off we were able to just reach right in and open it up. I wish I had known I could open it so easy when we left for the storm it would have been a lot easier.

Thursday I went to a bunch of churches and other places to try and get help with rent. They all said they did’t help with rent anymore and that they helped with food and clothing. I told them I had that for now but thank you. One I didn’t even get to talk to there was a sign on the door that said no financial help today so I didn’t bother to go in and ask I figure I will check back maybe tomorrow.

One of the churches kind of made me mad. I went in and ask if they help with rent and she said no. She said well you have come in before you should know that. I said no I haven’t ever been here for help. I told her I had not had to ask for help from places but was in a situation right now, that I needed a little bit to go with my rent money. It made me man because when I said no she acted like I was lying to her or something and that I do this all the time. I wanted to say more but I didn’t. It sure wouldn’t have been good I know that.


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