A lot has been going on I didn’t get to update everything I wanted to the other night and haven’t been back. I did get some things taken care of the last few days but still trying to get the last 3 pieces of the puzzle to fall into place by morning.

Ok Friday I got up went and picked my friend up and we headed south to go to the plasma donation place. We only have one in the county. She seen a thing for it online and it said that they would pay you $60 for your first 4 times of donating. Not sure why they call it donating because they buy it but it is what it is. I figured that would give me a $120 of the $200 I needed for rent.

I am not crazy about needles or my own blood but desperate times call for desperate measures and I am desperate. I got there and they needed more paperwork because of my name change, it didn’t match on everything. I gave them that and they sent me over to this little half door that leads into the are where everyone is hooked up donating. They call it a vain check. This guy comes over he checks my right arm then my left then my right again. He says wait and goes to talk to someone, she comes over and she checks my right arm then the left and then the right again. She says I have a good one in both arms but the right is better. She said the left is on something and will probably roll. She says that I am dehydrated, I should have drink more water that morning. I should not have drink the tea I did. I only had a few sips of tea probably not even a half cup. I ask her if I could go and drink some more water and come back. She said no that it would be better to come back. She said drink a lot of water the day before and the day of.

I didn’t even make an appointment to go back because I do not think they are going to do it even if I drink a gallon of water every day for a week and only drink water in between. Every time I go somewhere  to get an IV or blood taken they always say I am dehydrated. When I was pregnant with my 2nd I was in the hospital two days a week and the doctors office once a week for most of my pregnancy because I was dehydrated. I could go to the bathroom in their little cup and it looked like orange kool aid it was that bad, even with being there getting floods twice a week for about 8 to 12 hours each time.

Father of the Year was supposed to go yesterday and today and give me what he got but he didn’t offer to. He could careless what we have, don’t have, or need.


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