{December 5, 2016}   Didn’t Get My Hopes Up

Over the weekend I was going through a couple of trunks I have in my room. They just have mostly pictures and different keep sake stuff. I use to have craft stuff in them as well and was looking for that. I found a life insurance policy on my Dad. My oldest was looking with me and she was excited. She said this is the miracle we been needing I told you we were going to get a miracle. I told her not to get her hopes up I didn’t know anything about the policy and that it probably wasn’t good. It had me and my brother listed for who it would go to in equal shares.

I tried to call about it thinking that maybe the eight hundred number would have someone to answer but it didn’t. My oldest has been so antsy wanting to know if it was good or not all weekend. I wanted to get my hopes up because my dad swore up and down he had two polices one for me and one for my brother. Plus he had one to take care of him and would leave a little extra. He found out when he was sick that the one he had to take care of him and that would leave extra was only for accidental death so it would not pay out. But he said he still had the other two.

Once he passed all we ever found was the one that was left in my brothers name. We turned it in took care of daddy and split what was left. I wanted to do something with mine I could keep and remember my dad by but had to spend it on bills. Story of my life.

Today I called to find out about the other and it was not any good. She said it had lapsed. I asked when it lapsed wondering if it was in the last year and half since he passed or if it was before. I was thinking that if it lapsed after he passed but was good when he passed maybe we could still turn it in seeing as it lapsed because of his passing. She said it lapsed in 2011 long before he passed. I think that was around the time he got laid off and then was waiting on his disability. He probably wasn’t able to keep the payment up on it. The policies he did keep and pay were worth more so I can see why he did let that one go. But he probably wouldn’t have if he had known the other was accidental death only. But that’s okay he was trying to do what was best.

My oldest was a little disappointed but it will be okay. we will get by and make it. I wanted to get my hopes up but I knew not to and glad I didn’t.

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