I am sure there will probably be lots of it to come in the future as well. I thought I was supposed to go to the doctor on the 9th and got a call on Tuesday saying it was on the Wednesday. I went in and they said that my breast are full off cyst, but nothing looks like cancer. They would just have to keep an eye on it. I don’t know if that means I will have to go in once a year or every few years for test again or just if I have other problems besides pain. The letter I got from the place that done the test said to come back when I am 40. That would be in 4 years. Wow never really thought about turning 40 or how close it really is until I just typed that. When thinking about it, it seems so far away.

Anyway she then went on to the thyroid test I had at the same time. I knew they found something in it because I didn’t get a letter or anything about it. She said they called me and told me. I stopped her and told her no no one ever called and told me anything at all about it. But that I figured they found something because I didn’t get a letter about it. She said they found many tumors or nod-gels on the thyroid and that I need to have a biopsies on them.

I ask how many there was and what size they are but she said it just said many and since it is many they don’t do all that. I have to go to a endocrinologist they will do a ultrasound to see them and then take a needle and stick in them and do the biopsies.

Now it makes me worry about the kids a little more 3 of the 4 have been referred to the Endocrinologist as well. My older two’s numbers were a little off. Not enough the doctor was worried about. But when I told her that thyroid problems run in my family she sent them. Then I asked her if she could send my little one since the other three are going. They called about the older two and said it would be April before they could get them in. I have not heard anything about my little one. I am going to call their doctor tomorrow and tell her what they found on mine and see if she can call and get them in sooner.

Other than that she checked to see how much of my medication she gave me last time I had left and then told me to come back in 4 months. I don’t know why she is waiting so long to have me come back, I only have two refills for my medication. I don’t know if the thyroid doctor can give me more of if she is waiting to see if he wants me to keep taking it. I guess I have to spend tomorrow looking for a doctor and trying to get in.

I made an appointment to go back for my yearly check since I haven’t had one since I was pregnant with my last over three years ago. I told them I needed that and birth control but thinking that I maybe shouldn’t take any birth control until they figure out my thyroid.


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