Last week my friends boyfriend sent me a message and asked if she was going with me that day. I told him yes I was coming later to pick her up. He said he needed to talk to me when I got there. I told him I would come early so that we had time to talk he said okay. That was the day I was going to try to donate plasma and I had an appointment we had to be there by.

I went over to pick her up and they were sitting out front on the porch. I got out and went up to talk to them. He said I did something I have to tell you about and I really hope it don’t make you mad. But I felt like it needed to be done and now I need some help from you.

I said ok so what is it that you done? Go ahead and tell me so I can figure out what to do or needs to be done and how to handle it. He said I know you are having a hard time right now and that you are doing what you can to just get the bills paid and keep a roof over your heads. That I have helped them a lot and the kids are such good kids. What he said next I wasn’t prepared for.

He said that he had Christmas for the kids taken care of. He said he had talk to some friends and they needed a list of things the kids like and some things they have asked for. He said he had no idea what they would get but he knew they would get at least a few things each but probably much more.

He said that a few years back he had a man approach him and ask him about helping his family for Christmas because him and his wife had just taken in 4 of their grandchildren. He had heard they would help at the holidays sometime. My friend wasn’t part of the organization the man thought he was but he knew a lot of the people in it. He talked to them and they helped the family out and the kids ended up with a lot of nice things. They even brought them Christmas dinner with pies and everything. I told him I could get the food that was fine and thanks so much for what he was doing and that it took a lot of the stress off with everything that is going on. He said they needed a list that night of stuff and they said they wish he had told them before Black Friday. He told them we thought we had it all worked out but that things fell through. They said they understood and they would get on it and make it happen.

I got the kids together and told them I needed a list of about 5 things they would really like to have. They said mostly books and things like that. Nothing all that big or expensive. I know my oldest has wanted a basketball hoop so bad and they had one at the church thrift store I have been wanting to get for her she seen but couldn’t. It’s nice I told him about it and that they could probably get it for a lot less because most people don’t know it is there or for sale and that it was probably nicer than the cheap ones at the store. That she would be happy with it. My kids really are not picky and are very great-full and thankful for what they do get. They know that their list is just for ideas, they may get things off of it they may not they may get a few things or a bunch. But they never ask for over 5 to 10 things and know they get 3 to 5 gifts from me depending on what I am able to do and what kinds of deals I can find.

I have not told them that anyone has offered to help with Christmas at all. I do not want to tell them in case something happens and it don’t come through for some reason. I talked with the big kids over the weekend. I told them that I didn’t know what I was going to be able to buy this year, that I was working on getting them at least one gift each so that they got something. But that I couldn’t promise what it would be or if it would be their top pick. They understood.

My oldest took a few dollars that she had and bought the other three each a book to give to them. She asked me if maybe this one club would help us, I told her we weren’t a family getting services from them anymore they help their families because they have so many. She said if I wanted to get my Big Boy his laptop and skip hers for now it would be find she understood. I told her I wouldn’t do that it wasn’t fair. (I can get it with his scholarship so no money out of pocket.) She then said maybe we could go through their stuff and dig out toys they have not played with in forever or stuff I put up to get rid of and wrap up for them so they would have something. I told her I would figure something out. Not to worry about it. I told her to use her money to get something she wanted to read or do and she said she wanted to get them something.

I am going to try and get her something as well for them to give her. I can probably go to the dollar store and find her a book for a dollar. I might be able to get her a few.

It may not be the miracle she thought was going to happen but she will be surprised.



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