{December 6, 2016}   Breathing a Little Easier Today

I went to the social security office today to find out what I needed to do to show I am not getting support from Father of the Year. Since they took about a $100 away when I started getting it. So instead of putting a $100 with it to pay rent every month I have had to put $200 with it. I figred it would be a huge run around like everywhere else I would need a letter from him or someone else stating he wasn’t paying me.

I got my number sat there in for an hour or and finally got called back to talk to someone. I told the guy I was getting support and now I am not. I don’t know when I will get it again. I didn’t come in sooner because he was only suppose to be out of work for a couple weeks and now it has been a month and a half he hasn’t paid. He ask his name and started looking in the computer. Then he said something about child support enforcement. I told him it did not go through them I thought it would but when they granted the support and divorce they didn’t that I was all the time running him down to get my money and now he wasn’t paying at all.

He pulled out a form marked a few places on it and said fill out this area and write a statement that he isn’t paying you right now and sign it. I did and he said it will up date in the computer. I asked him how long it would take to update and he said with in 24 hours so his check the first would be for the full amount instead of what he has been getting. Then he did some more figuring and said in about 5 days you should get a credit for October for what you were short because he only paid you for two weeks not the full 4.

I figured it out and with the credit for October and him getting the full amount on the first I will be $11 short of having my rent for the first. My friend lives on the other end of the main street they are on. I went there to give her and her boyfriend a ride and pick her up when I got done. She asked how it went what all they wanted to change it back or if they were going to. I told her they did and they were even going to credit for the check I already got for October. That I would only be $11 short the fist, her boyfriend said no your not going to be $11 short the first I will have money you will have the $11. I wasn’t worried about the $11 I knew I could come up with it some how if I had to ask my sister for it or sell something for next to nothing to get it.

My mom called why I was standing in like at the social security office I couldn’t answer because you can’t have phones in there. I text her told her I wasn’t home couldn’t answer ask what she wanted. She got all mad I couldn’t walk outside and call her. I was waiting in a line to get a number to wait in line to get to talk to someone. If I had gotten out of line went out then came back I been farther back in line and a higher number. They had just open and I was already number 27.

Once I finally got a number and knew they would not be calling it anytime soon I went out to call her. She said Father of the Year went to work and then got called to go down south somewhere for an interview and was talking about what to do. I said I guess he is going to have to tell this job he had something come up he has to take care of and go to it see what they tell him. The job he is at that he started Monday is by the job and he is not going to make money there. Then she said he had an interview at lunch time with them. So he told them he had to go he be back later or in the morning he had to take care of something.

On the way to the interview someone else from the same company called and was wanting to set up and interview he told them he already talked to someone and was on his way. They ended up telling him to come back and start work at 3:30 tonight it is second shift. I am just wondering how long it is really going to last if they were that desperate to have someone start. It is doing the same thing he was doing at the last job he got laid off at November and in schools down there I guess. He says they just started this job and have others they are waiting on approvals of paperwork or something for. He said they work 4 ten hour days and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. I bet he still has next to nothing to do with the kids even with three days a week off. He could take them Friday to Monday when he dropped them off at school like he is supposed to. Because he don’t have to be at work until 330 now. He also could take them Thursday until Sunday instead but I know he won’t.

At least with this job he will get paid every week and will have a check for 30 hours next week plus the check from the junk yard for the day and half that he worked. Pretty much a full check then he will get two more full checks by the 30. He should have $1760 without the day and whatever from the junk yard. He better start giving me something again here soon.

He could pay his rent pay me what he owes me and still have a few $100 left over for the month. I am sure he will tell me how he has to pay his bills and catch up there. I bet he don’t bother to go get the kids anything for Christmas. Or that will be what he does tell me he can’t pay me he has to buy the kids stuff for Christmas. But no big deal that I have no money because he hasn’t been paying me. But that is ok they will have a nice Christmas.

He will be making between $2560 a month and $3200 a month. The way they get paid and I bet he still cries about having to give me money or having to help buy the kids clothes or extra stuff they need for school or clubs. His support is figured on him making half what he is really making. If I have to keep tracking him down and asking for my money over and over I will go to child support enforcement let them know he got a job make twice as much money and that I have to call and ask over and over for my money so I want to know how to have it take right from his checks. The guy today at the social security office said that I can go request that they take it from his check and that they will take his income tax check since he is behind. That is just what I am going to do if this keeps up and he don’t want to help with their other stuff. That was the deal he would help with whatever extra they needed since the support was figured lower. It was also figured by how many over nights they are with him and how many they are with me. They never have any over nights with him at all so that would make it go up as well.

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