It’s 8:30 and my two little ones should already be at school but they are not. One is somewhere in the house doing who knows what and the other is sitting in the floor throwing a fit because she wants to wear her black sparkly shoes. I don’t care if she wears rainbow colored sparkly shoes but she can not wear her black shoes because cause she decided to wear them in the bathtub last night and they are still wet. So now she is rolling around in the floor crying. Shoes are a battle I do not pick to fight or worry about as long as they fit, match, and they have socks on. But I can’t let her wear soaked shoes to school.

Now I am sure her hair is going to need to be brushed again she is rolling around and now she has one shoe off. I guess she will be going to school with her shoes in her hand because she is wearing what she is told to wear. When she gets there and they tell her she has to put them on she is going to have to listen or sit and watch all her friends play and do fun stuff.

Now the boys decide to eat and put all their lunch stuff in their lunch boxes. I don’t know why they didn’t put in their boxes when they laid it all out 30 minutes ago. I have to go to the SSI office and wanted to be there by 9 it looks like I am not going to be there until 930 at this rate. At least I get in and out most days.

I should be up after them to get ready but I am not in the mood to fight with them. They are lucky my Little Bitty don’t get counted late since it is more like daycare and my kinder isn’t late until like 9. His teacher lets them have free play and takes care of things she needs to do so she don’t count them late if they miss free play.

Now my oldest is asking for help putting her earrings in. Why I don’t know because she never wears them. I mean never ever in her life does she wear them. If she wears a pair once every two years is a lot for her. That is why she needs help putting them on her holes kind of close up.

Now the little has ripped her shoes and socks off and putting her wet shoes on. I guess I better go make this child listen. It is to early for this I didn’t sleep good and I got beat up all night from my little one sleeping in my back and tossing turning and kicking me all night.


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