They came Froday and took my new furniture. The couch, loveseat, coffee table and endtables. So far I have gotten my old love seat in the house but haven’t had help getting the couch in.

Have not figured what else to put in here to put what on. I took the little fish tankdown. I don’t have a lot to put on tables really. I liked having the one for my computer the coffee table for the tv. I guess it really don’t really matter because I haven’t been spending much time at all out here sonce they took the furiture and turned off the internet. I can not get comfrable on the old couch why I got rid of it to start with.

I liked my new one having a place we all could sit spend time together and I could sit and write without hurting. It sucks Ican’t get the couch in to figure out how to put everything. We are going to put the tree up tomorrow or Wednesday. I hope to find a way to get it in by then. I am not sure why I want it in I guess to make it look more like a livingroom/home than someone just moving in/out. If nothing else for the kids. I sit on the floor most the time I am out there. I sit on it but then find myself on the floor leaning against the front. Just better support on my back.

Number 2 and 4 were very upset when I told them they were coming to get it. When they did you could tell they really were then. I told them we would try to get it back or some thing else later. They just said they did not like the old one they loved our new one and it was so much nicer and better to sit on. I told them we would find another just as nice that we liked to sit on. They just walked away. I felt so bad, I didn’t relize how much they cared really about what set we had. When I was looking they had hardly anything to say about the ones I looked at and asked about. I got the its okay.

I think it really was starting to feel like home and like everything was falling into place for once for them as well. Father of the year has not been coming around much, its just been me them our friends, we have been setting things up replacing things with what we want not what make do with. We been getting out spending time with friends going places even if small and on the cheap. Losing inter net then the couches and being told Christmas will probably only be one gift of what I can get on a small budget was a blow for them. I try not to let them know how tight our budget really is. I will not lie to them, they do get told I don’t have money for this or that or to wait until it fits in my budget better. I don’t let them know I am just getting by. But lately I’m not even getting buy and I have not been able to hide it. Hints the internet going off, everything going back and Christmas. Even when we were homless things didn’t go off we were able to keep it all on until we moved. I was able to buy Christmas for them. I have told them I have rent covered so we do not lose the house and working on keeping lights and water on is why things went back or off and Christmad may be small this year. They say they understand and Christmas is not about the gifts but I know it still hurts. They really are super good kids and it just kills me the way things are and to have to tell them about Christmas. But I would rather tell them than to have them get up excited that morning and have one thing. Hopefully things will come through for them and there will be more. I would rather see the excitement on their face of getting more than expected.

I think that I will get them each one nice thing if I have the money when my school money comes. Or do some sort of nice little trip for them. Just close by for the day or something. I guess we shall see how things turn arpund for us.


I have no idea how this post is going to look because of writing it on my phone. Its hard to see somethings threw the cracks and on tiny space on top of that. But just thought I would give a little update on whats going on.



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