Last Thursday I went to one of the food places and got food. I didn’t need it but got it for my friend who has been sick and not able to work. She can’t get food stamps right now either. They didn’t have much and didn’t have extra to help them either. I had to go because I needed hygiene stuff and only had a few dollars to put in gas. My friend was going to give me some they gave her but I knew that she would need them so I just went to get some myself until I could figure out how to get some money. My oldest needed some too so I had to do something. Why I was there I just got food and gave it to them. After I filled out all the paperwork the lady called me back over and had me sign another paper. It said Thanksgiving dinner package on it. I did and they gave me a turkey as well as the other food.

Today I got a phone call and it was from this place saying that they wanted to offer other help to me to please call them. I got another call while at the school. I was going to call them once I got home and could get where I could hear. It slipped my mind, in a little bit I got third call from them. I knew the number and answered it. The lady said that she had some sponsors for families for Christmas and that they wanted to help my family for Christmas she needed to get some information from me if I could come in or they could do it on the phone. I told her I could come in or do it on the phone that I could come in tomorrow morning. I asked her what time she said in the morning would be best. She wanted to check on something. Then come back and said let me check some stuff here with you. She went over who was in the home and all that. Then she started asking me about my oldest and her size in clothing and shoes, then the rest of the kids and what things they liked. She said and we aren’t going to leave you out and wanted to know my information. I told her she asked what I would like a nice neck less or perfume something like that. I told her I was good just the kids would be fine. She said something for the house or anything. Asked what I like to do in my free time. I told her I like to read when I have time. She said ok. She said I think we have everything you shouldn’t have to come in you had all your information and things already. She said let her ask the other lady to make sure and put me on hold. She came back she said what about haircuts for you and the kids or movies? I said I do need to get the kids hair cuts and movies would be ok. She said okay we will be giving you a call in a few days or maybe a week and let you know when it is all together and you can come in and pick it all up. I said ok thank you. I told her I had singed the kids up for Toys for Tots since things were tight this year and I wasn’t able to shop I didn’t know if that would matter. She said I don’t think it does we are different it will be fine and if it isn’t or there are any problems then I will call you.

I was surprised because I just went to get that stuff for my friend and the hygiene stuff. I had went a week or so before with my friend when she picked stuff up and asked the lady if they could help me with the $200 I was short with rent. She knows my friend because she does stuff on line for her and things and knows she is sick and she use to have to go there to get diapers for the little boy that got dumped at her house for almost two years with no support from the parents. She wasn’t able to work and buy them so she would go get them from there. So I don’t know if she remembered me asking about help with rent and then coming in for other stuff or what. I was surprised they would pick up since I know a lot of people go often to get help and I only got help the one time. But maybe that is why too since we don’t come in a lot they figured maybe we just did need it or maybe they could help everyone with kids. Who knows. But I am sure grateful for the help. Like I told me friend this is the only year I have not been able to make something happen and able to get my kids something. Worse case me and my dad would go shopping get them some stuff and I would pay him back tax time. But I was always able to work it out some way or another. One of the years we were homeless I sold my one truck for $500 to get them stuff and have money for other things we needed. We even bought and donated toys to the Toys for Tots program that year even though we were homeless and I had to sell my truck for so little to get my kids toys and things they needed. They were so disappointed when I said we weren’t going to be able to do it that year I decided to do it anyway. So much had been taken away and happening with them that I wanted to do something we always done. I think we will still try and donate or help someone if father of the year comes off money before Christmas but I really don’t think he is going to. They haven’t asked this year but I think they know after talking about Christmas and what they may or may not get. I may let them each pick out a book from the everything is a dollar store and donate. They have some really good books for a dollar for all ages.

It probably sounds so crazy but I can’t think of things to tell anyone at any of these places or people who say they are going to help us what my kids want. I mean they have told me stuff but I don’t remember it all not because I don’t care or want to but just because there are 4 of them and the fact that when I go to the store I look at everything and just know what they would or wouldn’t like. I don’t want to give people the same few things because I only had them give me like a list of 5 things. Because I don’t want them to end up with a bunch of the same stuff.


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