Tonight, was the Christmas parade the little kids were in. We were supposed to be there at 4 but to get my truck parked we had to get there about 330. Father of the year showed up at the house, he dropped my sister at the store a few blocks away and came over why he waited. I had him help the little kids get something to eat and get ready while I got dinner in the crock pot because I knew we would not be back until late. I wanted to be able to eat and let the kids go to bed.

We went to the school then had him meet up there since he was on his way home with my sister and had to come right by there. I had him drive my truck to by where the parade was going to end because it was about a 2 mile walk in the dark with the kids. He told me he parked it at the bank parking lot. I wasn’t worried about it since the bank was closed and everyone always parks there when they do stuff down there. It is in the old down town area. About two hours later I get a phone call I didn’t even hear, I just looked at my phone and seen a missed call. I started to not check my messages because I didn’t know the number and wasn’t worried about it. Something said check it so I finally pulled my phone out and checked it. It was the police department where my truck was sitting. They said I was blocking someone in they were trying to leave and I needed to come move my truck. It had been about 5 or 10 minutes when I checked it. I called them back told them I wasn’t sure where my truck was parked that my ex had parked it I was in the city over standing in line getting ready to pull out with the parade and couldn’t get there that I would call someone and get them there.

I finally got a hold of my sister because Father of the Year wouldn’t answer his phone he was in the truck driving them and my mom. I told him what was going on and told him he better get down there and get my truck from wherever he had parked it. He wasn’t to far away at that time. I called back in a few minutes and he was looking for somewhere to park he didn’t know if he was going to get down there because some of the roads were blocked and there was no were to park. I told him two other people in that truck could drive he better stop wherever he was and let them take over and walk over there to my truck and get it moved. I told my sister if he wouldn’t stop and go get it to get the keys and have him let her out to go get it. She said he got out and was going to get it then. I had thought about them towing it. Not only would I have to pay the towing bill and impound fees but with it being 4-wheel drive and them not being able to put it in gear it would have messed my transmission up and it would have needed to be fixed as well. God knows I do not have the money to do all that.  He doesn’t either and wouldn’t care. We would be stuck walking.

I said boy I can’t even trust him to go park my truck and not let anything happen to it. If he had not been with my sister and mom, he would not have gone and got it. I wonder if he didn’t do it thinking if something happen I would let him come and stay to have something to drive. He is wrong because I would walk and get rides or ride the bus before I did that.

Other than that, the kids had a good time. The my oldest didn’t want to walk in it but Father of the Year didn’t have room for her because he had his truck full of crap. But like I told her I have done it for her in the past and a lot more, the little kids come with me if I have stuff at their school to do for them just like Thanksgiving it didn’t kill them to walk in it with them and hand out candy. My Big Boy had fun he said he wasn’t sure what would be better being in the parade or watching it. He decided after being in it was more fun because he got to see all the floats and things before and then a lot of them after up close. I lost my oldest and My Little Guy right before the judges stand they decided to stay with their dad and them when we see them as we went by.

Before we pulled out of the parking lot to start the kids seen Santa ride in on the big firetruck he is always the last float the fire truck with Santa on the back. They hollered at him and he came over talked to them all before the parade started. He gave them hugs and things. They were thrilled that Santa took the time to come to their float and talk to them before the parade. But they were the only float back there with kids on it.

I wasn’t sure about the walk but it was nice and went fast. There wasn’t a lot of gaps and things like there are a lot of years everyone kept moving and stayed together. It wasn’t cold but it was cool and that was nice. I am glad they all had good time. I would make that walk a few times a week or more if I had someone to walk it with me and it was cooler out. I think I am going to clock the big circle that goes around my area and see how far that is and start walking it or start going to the track like I wanted to before. I would like to walk a few miles a day and start running. I know a lot of people who are running marathons and it looks like it would be fun. I also think it would be something my 11-year-old would like to do as well. He liked to run when he was playing soccer, it would be good for him as well as me.


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