Now that I was caught up with everything that has happen the last week I can move on as normal. But now with the internet off that is hard to do from my phone, my screen is so small and then broke on top of it. I will jump on now and then but until I can get back on line I will right my post and save them to add when I get access to the net. Tomorrow I am going to the college to take my test and then the library to get on line so that I can do my aid for school.

As if the microwave kicking the bucket wasn’t enough last night my washer decided to follow it. I sent the kids to bed at like 7 something last night they ended up there around 8 something. I had them through a load of clothes in to wash. We do it all the time just not so early most the time it is late because I forget or don’t think of it until we are going to bed. Then we get up early and put them in the drier.

Tuesday night they put them in when they went to bed. I went to bed later and didn’t even think about them. My Little Bitty got up about 5/530 in the morning to get something, when she did she woke me up. I got up and went to the bathroom and I could hear water running. I thought maybe from the air but didn’t think so because it sounded different and I never remembered hearing it like that in the bathroom before. I thought it was my water hose behind the house. I thought someone was either stealing water or turned it on to get me to come outside. I looked outback and couldn’t tell if it was on or not. I seen people up and doing stuff in the house behind me so I got my phone seen what time it was, I went out to check it. It was off and not been on it was dry. I locked up and went out front that one was off too.

I found the water meter and looked to see if it was running thinking maybe I was hearing something else. But knew I wasn’t that I was hearing water running. The meter was spinning away so something was one or a leak somewhere. I was thinking then it had to be a pipe busted in the wall. I was about to shut the water off to the house at the meter. I went in and went out the kitchen door to the laundry room. I could really hear the water running then. I went in and it was the washer. I open the washer and water was rushing in but it wasn’t filling up. I turned it off and could then hear the water draining out of the washer. It has sat there from about 7/8 pm Tuesday night to 530 Wednesday just pouring water in and draining it out just as fast.

I just went back to bed. I didn’t know what I was more worried about the fact the washer being broken or the water bill that I am going to get for it sitting like that all night. I called my grandpa that after noon and ask him about it. He said it could be a few different things. He said he could come look at it ask if I was ok until the weekend. I told him yes I was going to go to try and go to the laundry Matt. He told me to call him when I got home he come up and look at it.

Later I thought and I wasn’t going to be home until dark the next two days. I called him ask him to come Friday because I would be home early. My laundry room is outside and you get eaten alive in there at night. I don’t know why I keep the door closed but you still do from the mosquitoes getting in.  He said yes he could he was just thinking of all the laundry that would pile up and me having to go to the laundry matt to wash kids clothes for school. I told him I couldn’t go I was going to put them in the bathtub and wash them and stick them in the drier we would be ok and deal with the rest if and when I got it fixed. He said if that was what I wanted to do. I told him yeah because we don’t need to get eaten out there, he don’t need to be out driving around at night. If he wasn’t getting here until dark or after then time to look at it maybe fix it, he get home who knows what time it’s about 20 or 30 miles away. Not far horrible far but not close and he is older and had heart surgery and things already. I hate to ask him to come but I don’t have anyone else to call. If I call a place they are going to charge a ton to come out that I don’t have or tell me I need a new washer that I may not. Like he said he can probably fix it for less than they would charge to just tell me what is wrong. I just must get it moved out so he can get behind it and do what he needs to do. He said it maybe something simple or it may not. But that it would most likely be cheaper to fix it than buy another used one. Plus I hope to have a little money by Friday so if I have to buy something to fix it I can and he won’t have to run all the way back up here. I want to give him something for gas at least if nothing else for coming. I figure my grandma will send him with a little bit of money in case we need to buy a part and don’t have the money. I can pay her back in a few months when I get my money. She will probably send her with her credit card in case. They don’t have the money either but my grandma worked her whole life and has great credit. She kept one or two cards just in case for emergency. She knows I will pay her back and pay the interest on it in few months when I get my money.  I am thinking it will be less than $50 to fix it probably not close to $50 if he thinks it would be cheaper to fix it than buy a new one. Well a new to me used one because I see them for $100 or less a lot of times. But mine is newer than most of what I see for sale cheap so that makes a difference too.

My friend and her boyfriend tried to give me a washer and drier about a month or two ago. I told them no I had a set that was in good shape and worked good. Now they have already given them away to someone else. Oh well it is ok it will work out it always does. They say things happen in threes. The microwave, washer and the internet going off I hope count as my three for a while.

I guess if it can’t be fixed I will just be doing a lot of laundry by hand until I get my money and then go find one. I think if it can’t be fixed I will pay my rent up for about 6 months. Once it is paid up I will go see how much a very basic set will cost new so they will last a while. If my rent is paid, then that will give me a little bit of wiggle room. He should be paying me by then again as well and I hope to find something part time. I will be able to put some money away in a savings for once I hope. I might get a little in taxes since I worked a little the first of the year. But probably not much. Maybe I will get enough to pay for the washer and drier and not have to take it out of my other money and have to save it up.

But we will cross that bridge when we get there. To be honest if I didn’t have to pay a water bill that was so much I would not mind just going to the laundry matt and washing it. When I was with RC it was much faster and easier and took me maybe an hour or two. I could wash dry and fold clothes for 7 people in no time hardly. I would get one or two of the biggest washers that holds two or three loads and put it all in a couple of them. When it was time to dry it I would put it all in about 10 big dries and make sure I mixed it up and didn’t put a bunch of towels, jeans and blankets in together. I would put couple pairs of jeans and then t shirts, few towels and then shirts or sheets same with blankets one blanket and a sheet or two. They all ran for about 30 minutes. I pull everything that was dry out and see what I had left that was still wet. Most times it just be stuff damp I could toss it all in one drier and let it dry another few minutes why I folded everything else it be done before I was done. I had the big tables there to lay it out and fold it all on. Then just go home and put it away. To get it all done took about two hours. Where the same stuff would take me hours at home.

When I didn’t have to pay water, it wasn’t a big deal because I would spend about what I would in water at the laundromat. But now I must pay a water bill so then paying it and to wash at the  laundromat would be way too much. Before I didn’t pay water but couldn’t have a washer. Now I pay water and can have a washer so it is cheaper to do it at home in the long run.


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