Now I don’t know what to think, I didn’t get to go out and mess with the washer until about 930 tonight. I went out to get the clothes out of it and see if I could wash them in the tub for tomorrow. I decided to see if it would fill at a different point in the cycle but didn’t figure it would. I first tried to turn it on where it was to see what it would do or if I could see what it was doing. It looked like it was trying to fill up. I turned it around so the water would run in faster and it filled right up enough you could tell it was filling and not draining. I flipped it over to where it wasn’t working this morning and it kept filling up.

The clothes kind of smelled from sitting so I turned it over to start washing from the beginning and put soap in. It ran all the way through the wash with no problem. I ran another load and it went with no problems.

I decided to wash in it the next day or two and see what happen. We used it Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with no problems. I called my Grandpa and told him it was working I didn’t know what happen before. He said it could be going out and just not all the way yet. He said if it started doing it again to let him know he would come look at it.

Wouldn’t you know Saturday afternoon it done it again. It has done it a few times since then. I haven’t called him because we have been so busy and in and out so much. I figure I will just use it and watch it to make sure it doesn’t get stuck and if it does I will just stop it and restart it or just bump it over a little bit. I will call him one day next week to come over and look at it. The kids will be out of school too so they will get to see him some why he is here. We don’t get to see him or my grandma to often and can’t really go to their house to see them. They never go anywhere to see anyone.


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