Today Father of the year came over to watch the kids so that I could go and sign them up for the Toys for Tots program. I had never done it but figured it would be a line and I didn’t want the kids to know and maybe feel bad about it. My friend rode with me and we stood there and talked. Well when I got there I parked and then got out to get all the paperwork out of my folder I keep in the truck. She was smoking so she had her window down with her arm out it. Once I was done I turned the truck on just enough to roll the window up since I had opened my door. We got out and went and stood in line for almost two hours.

I come out and notice my keys are gone. I keep them on my belt loop and they were not there. I checked my pockets and nothing. I look in the window and they are hanging in the truck. I locked them in when I rolled the window up. My friend crawled into the back over the two back seats and up into the front seat and tried to unlock the door. It wouldn’t unlock she had to do it by hand. I get in and I guess I forgot to shut it off as well as take the keys with me the battery was dead. There were little cars parked on both sides of me. There was a grass bank in front of me and a ditch. This guy and his son/grandson came out and got in the car by me. I asked him if he could give me jump. He said he didn’t have cables. I told him I did if he could do it. He went and pulled up on the bank because the battery was on the other side of the truck. We tried and tried to jump it off and it wouldn’t.

This guy from a few cars over, came and was trying to help. It still wouldn’t jump. He was driving some larger SUV as well. He said if it doesn’t start in a minute I will just pull mine up here and jump it I have so much going through it and running 4 batteries I can get it going with mine if not there is something else wrong. It didn’t start in a few minutes so he told the guy he would try with his truck. It didn’t do anything.

The other guy left and he pulled his truck over and hooked it up and let it charge for a while. In just a little bit it started right up. I was like thank God because I do not have the money to buy a battery right now. I told my friend when we were trying to jump it if I needed a new one it would probably be over $100. That was what the guy who got it started that it would probably be a lot but to go to this one place and get a gel battery they were better and cheaper. I haven’t checked into them yet but I am going to have to because it probably is the battery. It has a new alternator and things.

Then later that night I get a call from my friend whose hubby gets food all the time and she asked if I wanted some food and said to come and get it. I told her ok and called my other friend to go with me. I didn’t need it but knew they could use it so figured I give it to them. I was going to take some of it she had then remembered my microwave don’t work so I couldn’t heat it up and making it on the stove I may as well just cook what I have it be the same or take the same time. I just took it and gave it all to my friend. I took her home and dropped her off and headed home. It was about 9 at night and it started raining. Not supper hard but hard enough.

My friend I was giving the food to lives about 5 miles away from me. I was about half way home and just about spun and rolled my truck. How I didn’t, didn’t hit another car or anything else is beyond me. I had to make a left hand turn there are two lanes that make that turn and then the right lane merges into the left lane once you make the turn. I always get in the left lane so I don’t have to merge over because most people will not let you get over. The car beside me was some kind of little sporty car and they were hitting the gas and revving it up and things. I just ignored them I couldn’t even see who was in the car how many nothing. When the light turned green I made my turn. Just as I got headed straight again I pushed the gas just a little to get it going a little more. I make this turn 4 or 5 times a day sometimes more. I always do this because of the size of my truck. I get going but then don’t lay on the gas or what once I start making the turn. Because a lot of times people beside you will race up and try to pass you cut in front of you just as you make the turn there so I watch for that. When I get around and headed straight I tap the gas and start to get up a little speed.

That is what I did tonight and when I did the back of the truck swung around and I started to spin backwards into a full 360 just about. I felt the wheels off the ground and could tell the truck was leaning to the right and spinning backwards to the right. I just grabbed the wheel with both hands and started fighting to turn the wheels back the other way to try and keep me from hitting the car that was in the right lane. I started spinning the other way into a 360. I again turned the wheel and I went back and forth like that in the middle of the street about 4 times. Somehow I ended up on the right side of the road headed toward poles and signs. I just keep pulling the wheel one way and then the other trying not to hit anything stay out of the road and not hit a car coming up. I couldn’t see anything coming around me it was black dark and I was flipping half circles all over. Then I see this bank with woods and I haven’t been able to get stopped and all I could think is I am going to spin into this embankment sideways to get stopped and not hit a car or something else. Then my truck was going head on into it instead of sideways because I spun more before I got close to it. I was thinking then I am going to go air born or hit the tree head on and who knows what it is going to do to me. Last minute I snatched the wheel the other way and then started just turning it back and forth one way and then the other fast not going to far either way I could keep it on the side of the road out of the street and get it straightened up and finally stopped.

All I am thinking is how did I not hit anything or another car and look for cops because they are in that area a lot. It is a main road to the jail a lot of them take back and forth. The car that was beside me at the light past me and another car pasted me and turned into the post office. I turned my turn signal on got back on the road and went straight for home. All I could think was I am so glad I had already dropped my friend off at home and she wasn’t with me. She was in a rollover accident before and the one day I just pulled off the side of the road and was going down the side when I broke down before I stopped she freaked out. She was a mess the rest of the day. With her heart the way it is and me not being in control she probably would have had a heart attack right there.

But thank God I didn’t hit anything. I would be walking and wouldn’t be able to get another vehicle of any kind with the way things have been right now. I would be stuck trying to get the kids to school and everything else. Father of the Year don’t go to work until 3 but he would show up two or three days after they needed to be there and wouldn’t be home to pick them up if he did take them. I still cannot believe what happen. I did nothing wrong, I have never had anything like that happen in my life. My tires are maybe two years old but I think they are only a year and they look good. My friend’s boyfriend said he thinks I hit oil on the road and with it raining it just spun me out. If I had let it keep going into a 360 I probably would have flipped it right, there before it got all the way around.

I hurt my back again, the next day I felt places hurting I had never had hurt before. My neck is still stiff and sore two days later. But it could have been a lot worse.


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