Have you ever sat and wondered if maybe the one person that you were meant to be with has already passed away? Tonight I was driving home thinking about how lonely I have been and how down I have been feeling. I don’t know this was like out of no where this voice or thought said he is gone, so and so is gone. My ex from back in high school, we dated off and on for years. It just never seemed to be the right time for us. I hadn’t thought about him in years I don’t know why I had that thought or that happen.

It’s kind of depressing to think about but I do feel like I am going to be alone forever at this point and wonder if I would even trust or could get close to someone again after Father of the Year and R.C. I was thinking about how R.C. treated me when we were together and how things were and thinking that no one ever treated me that good. That was when that thought about my ex from high school crossed my mind because he did treat me good he treated me like R.C treated me.

It was almost like a dream I don’t know how to explain it. Just made me feel even more depressed.


6 thoughts on “Maybe He’s Gone

      1. I can understand that. Well all the best ending the loneliness. Don’t allow yourself to get desperate though. That will drop your standards in a heartbeat and you’ll pay for that later!

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