The little kids school did Wednesday night service for the church last week. My Little Bitty wasn’t in it but the other kids K through 6th were. They sang and acted out the story of Christmas. My sons class got the part of the animals in the manager and he got to be a cow. They said he needed a brown or white outfit likes sweats. I went to 4 stores looking for something that would work for this kid even into the girls departments and could only find brown top or bottoms in his size but not both and same for white. I ended up getting him all black, there are black cows so what will it hurt. They made mask out of paper plates for what animal they were.

They all come out on stage and my son is the only one holding his mask on, all the other kids have theirs on and they are staying without holding them on. It looked as if my son may have gotten the wrong one it was a little big so he was holding it on. Fine things happen would have been nice if he didn’t have to hold it up but no big deal they are cute and having fun.

In a few minutes I look back at him since I hadn’t looked at him in a little bit while watching the other kids. He was just sitting along the wall on stage since they were just animals. I look over and my child is standing up holding his mask on. I look closer and he now has all but one of his little fingers under the mask for some reason and holding it that way.

I leaned over to my oldest and said he is standing there flipping off the whole church!!!!

It was all I could do to hold in the laugh. It was that or cry I was so tired and wore out from trying to do everything that needed to be done for all the kids at both schools and everything else in life that keeps happening. This is a super conservative Baptist church that I am sure would not find it funny. To make it better the principle  of the school was sitting right beside me. The next time I looked over he was reaching under his mask picking his nose. Got to love 6 year old little boys. When it was all over and he came over to me I was looking at his mask it wasn’t to big it fit fine I don’t know why he felt he had to sit there and hold it all that time.

When I picked him up from the back after the play his teacher let me know he told her that the rental place came and took all my furniture. I said yeah they did but we will figure out and get more later. If I was a teacher and a student said that to me I wouldn’t go tell the parents they said it. You know they are probably couldn’t keep paying it. I wouldn’t want to embarrass them more. What are you expecting them to say or want them to say? There is nothing much to say. Some people would get mad at their kids for saying something to the teacher and be in trouble if the teacher said something. Mad at the kid not the teacher. I wasn’t mad at him for saying anything it is what it is, it’s life things happen. But did feel the teacher was out of place saying something about it.


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