Tonight we went to a Methodist church in the city we lived in before we moved to where we are now. They do a lot of things at the holidays. Tonight they had a walk through Bethlehem where they set up a big area to look like what it did back then. It was neat, they had the people dressed as they would back then, they had a lady with a table with all the different spices and things they used back then to show you what they all looked like and where they came from what they were. They had a table with hot tea telling you about the different ones they had, there was a weaving area where they showed you how to make prayer bracelets and gave out packages to make your own at home.  We seen how they made baskets and they told them how they cover them in tar to make them water proof. They told you and showed you how they make the different Olive oils and what each one was used for and pottery area. The kids liked the house of prayer, wood shop the singing and the animals and thought it was neat seeing the manger with the baby Jesus in it with the angel and wise-men. They had two sheep a donkey and cow/ox the kids could pet and see. They had a table set up with different foods they may have eaten back in that time as well they could try. There was a tax collector who would walk around to the different booths asking for them to pay taxes, some would be saying they already paid they would be telling them they hadn’t and things. Most of the booths gave each of the kids a gold candy coin.

I had seen they do it every year but always miss it for one reason or another. Today I was deleting emails and just happen to see it and it said tonight. I told the kids we were going to go. When we were a few miles away we stopped at the store and it started pouring. I started to go home but something said to go anyway, I figured it is an outside event it would be canceled but something said go anyway so we did. Thinking about it now it wasn’t wet at all didn’t look like it had ever rained there and it didn’t the whole time it was going on. How great is that?

When we went in they gave us a paper telling about different things coming up. I read it and it said they are having a Charlie Brown Christmas service Christmas eve and then a Candle light service after it. They are also having a service on Christmas Day. Me and the kids have decided we are going to go to all three of them. We are going to go to the Christmas Eve services and then go see the Christmas lights. They have an area up there were everyone goes all out and it’s really pretty. Plus one of the kids at the older kids school has a huge light display he works on for over a month putting up and getting ready that they want to go see. He sets it to music and everything so that should be nice as well.


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