Something has been on my mind the last few days since I noticed that Christmas in on Sunday this year. Does your church have Sunday Service if Christmas falls on a Sunday? I know a lot of churches have Christmas Eve service no matter what day it falls on. But I noticed about 6 or 7 years ago that when Christmas was on Sunday I couldn’t find a church to go to service at.

I just find this to be very odd, you would think of all days to have a service Christmas, Easter would be the two biggest ones of all. I know that it takes time away from family for the people who put on the service but it really wouldn’t because they would be together at service. I don’t think it would be any different than any other Sunday service you just make your plans for after service. What better to do than to go to church and celebrate the reason for the season on the day we observe his birth? I can’t understand everyone talking about it taking away from their family time and it being an inconvenience for them. But they are preacher’s, preacher’s wives and other workers in the church. It isn’t like it happens every year it’s once every 6 or 7 years that it falls on a Sunday so it seems like it would be even more of a reason to do it and enjoy it and not look at it like an inconvenience and something that is taking up your time.

I am sure it wasn’t convenient when he died on the cross for everyone either but he did. He didn’t dip out and say he wanted to spend the time with his family or he didn’t want to go through what he was about to go through because he had plans.

I don’t know I could probably go on and on because for some reason this just bothers me. I have been slacking big time on going to church and I know it and am working on it. But this just seems so not right in so many ways. I have even seen a lot of churches are not holding services on New Years day either. Again what better place to bring in the new year?

Someone said they think God would understand not having service that day and spending it with your family but I just don’t think that is how it works. I think that is just what they tell their selves to make it okay. Another said her husband is a pastor and that would leave her home with 5 or 6 kids to prep and get everything ready on her own with the kids. Again why wouldn’t you arrange your plans and go to church with your husband? If not why not at least send the kids if it wasn’t something you wanted or could do. When did it become family vs God? Thought it was about teaching the family about God and God being a part of the family.

Am I way over thinking this or what? How do you all feel about having service on Christmas day if it is on a Sunday. I mean look at Easter it is on a Sunday every year and we don’t say oh just forget it and stay home with your family God will understand it is important. Everyone is all about going to church on Easter and getting everyone to come.

Me and the kids are excited to go this weekend Saturday and Sunday. Like I said in my other post they are going to have two services Saturday and one Sunday. Me and the kids already talked about Sunday service and we are going to get up get ready for church and go then we will come home and open our gifts and have our family time together. It is more about focusing on the reason than the gifts so we will be waiting for the gifts. I know if I let them do the gifts first they will want to play and not want to go to church or want to take stuff with them.

Weigh in what do you think about not having service on Christmas day? What about New Years Day?


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