I have a handful of gifts for the kids that I picked up from Toys for Tots last weekend. I got a couple games and a few toys for Little Bitty, some books and a Star-wars Lego man that Big Boy will love. There was a few other things in there as well. Not sure how I am going to devide it all up yet. One of the things for Little Bitty she already has and the other I think she is to big for. I have thought about swapping them for something else but I feel funny doing that. It’s not like I am going to get any money out of them I just want to trade them for something more her age because even the thing she already has is for kids younger really.

One of the places I went to about help with bills called last week and they are going to help. I hadn’t heard anything from them so I called today. They said they had been trying to get a hold of me but my phone I guess isn’t working. Others have said they tried to call me and it said my phone was off. She said she was going to come to my house because they couldn’t get me. She told me to be there about 1 tomorrow. I babysit until 12 but I am picking my friend up at 11 so that she can sit with my 3 while I take the little girl I am watching to meet her dad at 12 then I will give them a ride up to where I am going then they can catch the bus and I will get the stuff and come home. I don’t know when I will get the stuff from my friends and their friends. I told them all that the others were going to help us but they said that was fine. I think because they knew they probably wouldn’t get much from Toys for Tots if anything because my kids are older. I wasn’t going to sign up for Toys for Tots but I didn’t know if my friend’s, friends were going to come through or not and I wanted to make sure I had something. Then the other place called me. But like my friend said they want to do it and the kids will be surprised because they aren’t expecting anything.

Now I have to get rapping paper so I can rap everything. We put the tree up a few nights ago but we haven’t put anything under it yet. I haven’t rapped what is in there yet until I see what else I get and figure out how to divide it up. Plus if there are gifts under the tree Little Bitty things we are supposed to open them right now. So all the presents will come out Christmas eve after they go to sleep.

I have to get with my friend and see when they are coming over so I can have them in bed in time. We are going to church at 530 and wanted to stay for the 7 service to so we won’t get home until 830. I think we will do our normal Christmas eve crackers fruit and things like that for dinner when we get home. They will be out of school we will be home they will eat a late breakfast and lunch then a snack so they will be good until we get home. I am going to have them go to bed right after that.

I am surprised I am not stressed about not being able to buy gifts, not having the stuff from everyone else to even know if or what I have. But I feel pretty calm. I guess maybe because I trust my friend and know that they will come through or they wouldn’t have told me that. I don’t know I am just glad I am not stressing.

I got to get off here and take the kids to therapy and drop the little girl I am watching today and tomorrow off. Then come home and make dinner and get the kids to clean the house. That maybe why I am not stressed either because I kind of don’t care…but that’s another post.


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